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And I'm here to tell you the truth about running successful Facebook Ad Campaigns...
Don’t let the Facebook Ad gurus fool you! If it was easy to sell to cold traffic - we’d all be billionaires by now! And if we’re being completely honest, you and I both know that attracting new leads...making sales...and generating profits from total strangers is no mean feat. It’s why so many entrepreneurs LOSE money hand over fist when they run Facebook Ad campaigns. Truth is, it’s not their fault. It’s just that nobody told them the right way to craft Facebook Ads that work!

Want to know the RIGHT way to boost your Facebook Ad profits

Strategic Facebook Ad Funnels

If I had £1 for every guru who pitched me another “killer” Front-End Ad Strategy – I’d be a very rich advertiser. Trouble is, most short-term ad hacks have almost zero chance of helping me generate a sustainable income!

And they won’t help your bottom line either.

That’s because almost every Facebook ad strategy ignores THE most important piece in any advertising campaign.

It’s not better targeting…

It’s not better budget optimisation… 

And it’s definitely not adding more money to the Facebook Ad machine!

So what is the right way to make money from Facebook Ad campaigns? It’s through a powerful combination of spreading the right message…about an irresistible offer…at the right time.

I'm here to help you scale your business the RIGHT way

When I create front-end campaigns I’m not interested in the latest Facebook Ad gossip floating around Twitter. My only interest is this…

How do I harness the fundamentals of human psychology, to drive long-term sales growth and help you scale your business? 


Because human behaviour never changes – even in a rapidly evolving environment, like the world of online business. It’s why I follow a 3-step process that helps me create powerful ad campaigns no matter what tactic is in vogue this week or next! 

1) Deep Avatar Research

Ever feel like most Facebook advertisers are simply guessing at their message? Well, they probably are.

That’s because most advertisers don’t do anywhere near enough research into their target market. My avatar research process goes way beyond writing a list of demographics and psychographics.

That’s because I go deep with your avatar, until I uncover what really drives them to buy. This is the first step to crafting a high-converting sales message. And it’s a step that most marketers don’t take seriously enough!

2) Powerful Positioning

Want to really stand out in the newsfeed? Then you need to demonstrate why your product or service is the best and ONLY solution to your prospects’ problems. How do you do that? 

Through Powerful Positioning.

My Facebook Ad process helps you uncover a compelling USP that lets you dominate your corner of the market, so buying from you is a no-brainer.

3) Persuasive Front-End Creative

Forget about the latest Facebook Ad hacks you read about on Twitter! Compelling Facebook Ads should always go back to the fundamentals of persuasive writing.

It’s why every ad I create is based on Direct Response Marketing principles that are tried and tested by master marketers! It means ads that generate sales without relying on short-term fads or gimmicks.  


It’s all gold and I love it!”

Rose Radford Coaching

“OMG I am thrilled! My heart is racing and I could cry.  I feel so heard and understood, and translated into words my audience can resonate with.”

Amanda Grace, Pilgrim Soul

“I wanted to show my appreciation for your amazing work.  The headline was grabbing and the story was so relatable.  I wanted to say a big thank you for the great work”

Jim & Cyndi Padilla, Gain The Edge

“I just wanted to say ‘oh my god YOU ARE A GENIUS’. I would never, ever have tried this without you convincing me it was a good idea. Thank you so much for all your help, Anna!

Fay Wallis, Bright Sky Career Coaching

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(I know I sometimes need a nudge in the right direction).

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