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Hi, I'm Anna...

Strategic Storyteller for Business and Personal Development Coaches, who want to FEEL AWESOME about selling.
Every day marketers send over 110 billion emails direct to their customers' inboxes. They know for every £1 spent on email marketing, they'll generate an average of £38 in sales. That's an ROI of over 3,500%.

It's why email remains the preferred marketing channel for passionate online entrepreneurs.
With all that competition, it's a battle to be heard inside your client's overflowing inbox. It's no wonder so many marketers resort to hyped-up tactics that would make the Wolf of Wall Street wince.

I'm here to help you send story-driven emails your clients LOVE to read.

No more guilt pangs for over-selling to your list. No more frustrating open, click and unsubscribe rates.

Together, we'll make selling fun for you AND your subscribers.

The StoryMatic System

By taking a systemic approach to understanding your ideals clients’ deepest fears and core desires: 

…We’ll develop your USP into story-driven emails that drive your clients to open, click and race for their credit cards.  

I’ll help you…

– Identify and communicate your Super Power by delving deep into what your clients really want (based on their actual feedback)

– Understand your customers so deeply, it feels like you’ve read their minds when they open your emails 

– Use email marketing as a vehicle to build lasting relationships, so you can drive higher sales AT THE SAME TIME as building an army of obsessed Super Fans.


“The support you’ve given me is Gold Dust! You’ve given me so many incredibly helpful nuggets.  You can’t imagine.  I’m more grateful than I can say!”

Nicola Pitt, Executive Coach

Want the Secret to a Unique Origin Story that Converts Like Crazy?

Follow the 'Rawthority Method' that helps you uncover a unique origin story that generates OBSESSED buyers NOT one-off transactions

Here’s how I can help you make more sales by email:


Writing might not be your thing, but that doesn’t mean you should compromise on the power of your copy.

Let me translate your personality into emails that connect with your dream clients.

Tell me about your business and I’ll craft bespoke copy that gets your buyers to take action.

Copy Consultancy

Sometimes even the best writers struggle to get their first words down on paper. 

(I know I sometimes need a nudge in the right direction).

Let me guide you through the frameworks and techniques I use in my own copy, to help your thoughts and ideas flow.

“Get in there quick!  Anna has worked wonders for my copy.

I was struggling to explain my personal transformation in a way that resonated with my clients.  She achieved all that and more.  Now my clients can see how my experience makes me the perfect coach for them”

Helen, Mindset Coach


“I want to say how much I love receiving your emails” 

Emma, Virtual Assistant


Anna – You’re the BEST!

I really love your approach and massively appreciate that you are doing what you do!

I’m so hooked on your emails.

Vanessa, Japanese Mindset Coach


You’re the 2nd Best Email Writer on the planet”

I only read marketing emails from two people: you and Talking Shrimp”

Nathalie, Jewellery Designer


Everything is effortless to read and full of value.”

Really impressive stuff”

Dave, Brand Copywriter 



She’s a rockstar.  I couldn’t be without her.  She’s an integral part of my team and the work she produces is outstanding.  

Honestly, working with Anna is effortless and a real pleasure. She goes above and beyond and the results shine through.”

Caroline, Business Success Coach

Working With Me is Simple:

Step 1:

Book a call to chat through your needs

Step 2:

I discover in depth, more about you, your business and your dream clients

Step 3:

Get emails that make your clients open, click and race for their credit cards

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