Say "See Ya" to forgettable sales copy

Increase profits and grow your business with Research-Driven Facebook Ad Funnels that speak your customers' language

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Hi, I'm Anna...

Facebook Ad Funnel Copywriter for online entrepreneurs who want to drive more sales with kid gloves (not boxing gloves).
Think you need to go all out Copy Thug to drive higher sales conversions in your business?

Most entrepreneurs resign themselves to this kind of conversion rate trade-off:

More Sales = Wrecking Ball Copy = Unhappy Prospects

As a Facebook Ad Funnel Copywriter who's written campaigns for a heap of multi-million dollar businesses, I can categorically tell you that THIS ^^ is BS.

(You don't need to go after your prospects with a roughneck hatchet in order to drive more sales)

I'm here to help you launch high-impact Ads and Funnels your prospects can't wait to devour. AND to create lifelong fans who'll buy from you again and again.

Strategic Facebook Ad Funnel Copy

When I work with clients, I’m not interested in driving short-term profits from one-off transactions.  I’m here to dig deep into the mind of your buyers, create long-term mega fans AND help you build a sustainable business that lasts a lifetime.  

Here’s how we do it…

– By deep diving into your customer avatar through in-depth research so we understand the emotional drivers that will move them to take the next step

– By crafting conversion-focused Ad and Landing Page copy that educate and inspire AND drive sustainable sales conversions

– By focusing on enhancing the ENTIRE customer journey. I work with my clients to help them nurture their relationships from cold traffic to product delivery, to generate effortless repeat business and maximise their customer lifetime value.


“The support you’ve given me is Gold Dust! You’ve given me so many incredibly helpful nuggets.  You can’t imagine.  I’m more grateful than I can say!”

Nicola Pitt, Executive Coach

“OMG I am thrilled! My heart is racing and I could cry.  I feel so heard and understood, and translated into words my audience can resonate with.”

Amanda Grace, Pilgrim Soul

“I wanted to show my appreciation for your amazing work.  The headline was grabbing and the story was so relatable.  I wanted to say a big thank you for the great work”

Cyndi Padilla, Gain The Edge

“I just wanted to say ‘oh my god YOU ARE A GENIUS’. People are replying straight away!!!!  It has absolutely made my day to see it working. I would never, ever have tried this without you telling me about it and convincing me it was a good idea. AND I just got my FIRST SALE! Thank you so much for all your help, Anna!

Fay Wallis, Bright Sky Career Coaching

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Here’s how I can help you make more sales on Facebook:


Writing might not be your thing, but that doesn’t mean you should compromise on the power of your copy.

Tell me about your business and I’ll craft research-driven Facebook Ad Funnels that get your buyers to take action.

Copy Consultancy

Sometimes even the best writers struggle to get their first words down on paper. 

(I know I sometimes need a nudge in the right direction).

Let me guide you through my thought-processes and techniques – so you can make more sales and more money! 

Working With Me is Simple:

Step 1:

Book a call to chat through your needs

Step 2:

I discover in depth, more about you, your business and your dream clients

Step 3:

Get Facebook Ads that make your clients open, click and race for their credit cards

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