The 8 Crucial Elements You Need for An Awesome About Me Page

awesome about me page

So, your About Me page, huh…?

Every website has one – your Homepage’s unassuming little sister.  It sits quietly on the menu bar, demurely waiting for a glance in its direction…before it either blows your customers away with the strength of your story or bores them witless with irrelevant details about pets and favourite films.

Maybe you don’t know why you even need an About Me page.  But I bet you read others before opening your wallet.  

The bad ones send you off in search of an alternative supplier.  But the great ones have you clicking ‘Buy Now’ before you’ve checked out the price.

So what makes an About Me page more, ‘Buy It Now’ than ‘See You Later’?  

Sit tight, I’m about to break down the 8 crucial elements you need for an awesome About Me page.

1) A compelling headline

Can you summarise the key message of your About Me page in 15 words or less?  

Your headline should give potential customers a teaser of what they’ll learn if they keep reading your story.

Keep it brief and cut out any words that aren’t absolutely essential to conveying your meaning.  It doesn’t have to be grammatically correct, as long as it’s packed with power words and gets your message across clearly.

Awesome about me page

2) An Intriguing Sub-heading

Once you’ve grabbed your reader by the collar and slammed them against a wall with the strength of your headline, you need to make them interested enough to keep reading.

That’s where the sub-heading comes in…

It’s there to build up enough intrigue and momentum to push your reader further into your story.  So throw them straight into the action of your story and use your sub-heading to give away the drama that’s about to unfold.  But keep it brief.  One sentence is enough to hint at where you’re going. 

Awesome about me page

3) A unique setup

On your About Me page, you’ve got a small window of time to offer a snippet of your back story.

Perhaps you were raised by one-legged nuns in Sicily or you spent time living with a tribe in Outer Mongolia.

If there’s something from your life that makes you stand out, share it at the start of your story to paint a picture of who you are and what makes you special.

The start of your story should also let your reader know what life was like before you were thrust into the centre of your drama.

4) The drama 

Most business owners that I know, embarked on some kind of quest that set them up to become an entrepreneur.  Once you’ve given your reader an idea of the type of person you once were, you need to introduce some tension into your story.

Did you meet someone who changed your life (and not in a good way)?  Or maybe you were kidnapped by pirates, who stole your life savings while you were surfing in zanzibar.

Whatever the drama, make sure its relevant to your entrepreneurial journey.  You’re not writing a Hollywood screenplay.  So even if you have several epic stories, choose the one that your ideal client is most likely to relate to.

This isn’t about building yourself up as a hero.  It’s about mirroring the journey your client wants to go on.

5) Your journey to greatness

You’ve built up some tension and opened up a story loop so your ideal client is screaming at their computer screen, demanding to know how you overcame such turmoil and angst.

Here’s where you need to share the steps you took to reaching your glorious resolution.  What did you need to learn to overcome your challenge?  

Awesome about me page

Who did you need to become to earn relief from such dreadful tension?  The steps you took and the lessons your learned should tie neatly in to how you help your clients today.

6) The Moment of Resolution

Tell your clients what life is like now that you’ve resolved your drama.  Be as descriptive as you can.  And use your knowledge of your Ideal Client, to create an aspirational vision of the future they can relate to.

Try to list 2 or 3 specific details about what you’ve achieved, or the things you now have, because you fought your way out of your crisis.

Awesome about me page

7) The Reason Why

Your story might be over, but this part’s really important.  Because your client will probably be thinking ‘what’s this got to do with me’?

And you need to make sure you answer that question.  Tell your reader why your story compelled you to start your business.  And why you serve the people you serve.

Ultimately your client doesn’t care about you, or your story.  They care about themselves and how your experiences can help them solve their problems.  They can probably see themselves in the earlier, troubled version of you – and now they want to know how you can guide them to a positive future.

8) A Call to Action

If your reader is still with you at the end of your story, you win double gold medals for successfully holding on to their attention.  Seriously, it’s no mean feat when your client could be doing thousands of other things instead.  Which means your reader is warm.  Very warm.

So, don’t squander this opportunity.  

Don’t let this be like an awkward end to a brilliant first date.  Don’t run inside your house and slam the door in your client’s face.  You want to give them a smack on the lips and get them to schedule date number 2.

Make sure you end your About Me page with a clear Call To Action…something like ‘Book a Discovery Call’ or if you don’t think they’re quite ready to jump in to bed with you, you could link to your Freebie or newsletter sign-up form.

For a lot of business owners, their About Me page is the area of their website that causes the most confusion and frustration.  What’s it for?  And how can you leverage it as a way to build stronger connections to your ideal clients?  If you include these 8 crucial elements, you’ll be well on your way to an About Me page that blows your customers away.  Instead of sending them running into the arms of your competitors.

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