The Little-Known Formula to Transform Your Stories from Boring to Epic

transform your stories

Want to know what happens when your marketing stories are BOOOORING?

That’s right!  They get ignored.

When your audience meets you they’re probably bored.  No disrespect, but if they’re checking you out on social media (or checking their inbox), it’s because they’re looking for distraction from their humdrum day.

Which means, it’s YOUR DUTY to be interesting!

And because most of what they find online is dull, they’ll assume you are too.  “Wait? What?!” I hear you, “how very dare, you? I’ll have you know, I’m fascinating and fun.”

I know you’re fabulous. And that you’re living an epic life full of awesome anecdotes which demonstrate the kind of adventurous/witty/kind-hearted person you are.

But trust me when I say this.  It doesn’t take much to butcher an awe-inspiring story.  (You should meet my father in law).  Or to turn your stories into a major snore-fest that’ll have your reader clicking the X in the corner, faster than a cheetah on speed.  

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Because I have a secret story recipe that – when used correctly – is guaranteed to grab your audience’s attention and keep them there long enough to take the next step with you.  

Ready? Here goes:


1) Story Formula Number 1 – The Sales Story

A really effective way to sell is to tie your message to your own transformation story.

You can use your own inspiring results as evidence of the brilliance of your product.

So here’s the framework. And an example of how I might use it to sell my own Story Discovery Power Hours.

transform your stories

Back when I was [description of the lesser you, before you discovered the secret to awesomeness].

I desperately wanted to [do something outrageous and unattainable].

But I was [stuck because of a physical impediment / emotional constraint / psychological barrier].

Then I stumbled upon [amazing secret weapon].

Suddenly I had [description of fabulous transformation].

So, what does this mean for you? Simple: [lesson, explained in a way that a pre-schooler could understand].

[Tell reader what to do next to benefit from your amazing discovery].

My example: 

“Back when I was a naive and idealistic newbie entrepreneur, I desperately wanted to attract a tribe of crazy, loyal customers.  The kind of customers I’d seen, literally begging to buy products from my marketing heroes.  The kind of customers who would rave about me behind my back, and propose marriage on the back of my awesome content.

But my content was boooooring.  I had no personality, no engagement and – more importantly – no one banging on my door, asking how to buy from me.

Then I stumbled upon the awesome power of STORY-TELLING.  Suddenly, I had buyers DMing me. People begging me to fit them into my packed-out schedule.  And what’s more, I had customers telling me I needed to raise my prices to levels that seemed totally insane.  Finding my stories has given me a business that generates the kind of income (and freedom) that had seemed like a pipedream only a couple of years before.

So, what does this mean for you? Simple: if an inexperienced entrepreneur like me – with 3 young kids and only a couple of hours a week to work on my business – can find the right stories to attract an army of loyal customers – you can too.

Email to book your Story Discovery Power Hour today.”

transform your stories

2) Story Formula Number 2 – The Brand-building Story

Telling personal stories is crucial.  They’re the best way to explain the kind of person you are, demonstrate what you stand for, and show empathy towards your ideal client.

Your brand stories aren’t about selling.  They’re about re-enforcing your online identity.  And getting people to talk back to you.

Here’s how to tell an engaging brand story that you can use in your email or social media marketing: 

Last [week, month, year, decade] 

I [experienced something dramatic that threw my life into turmoil].

Which made me [feel totally rubbish and want to give up].

But, after a [description of momentary self-pity],  I realised something. [Insert lesson, explained in a way that a pre-schooler could understand it].

[Ask insightful (but easy to answer) Yes/No or Multiple Choice question]

My example: 

“Last week, I did that thing they tell you NEVER to do. 

I checked my Instagram feed before I’d even had chance to brush my teeth.  This put me in a mega funk for the rest of the day.  Which made me want to give up writing and crawl back into my corporate cubicle.

But after a sulk and a face full of chocolate cake, I realised something.  When you see someone smashing it there’s no point comparing yourself and wondering why you’re even bothering.  The trick is to figure out what they’re doing so you can do it too.

Have you ever felt rubbish after comparing yourself to others?”

It’s really that SIMPLE.  

So if you understand the theory behind the kind of stories you need to tell – now you have the framework to go out and put those lessons into practice.

If you fancy having a crack at writing a story using these frameworks, leave me a comment below and show me what you’ve got! 

Is your messaging drowning in a sea of BORING content?  

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