The non-sleazy way to increase online sales by 1000% through social media story posts

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This literally blew my mind.

Even as a story-addict – who KNOWS the power of stories to help you sell more while cringing less – I was amazed to hear this…

Story-based Facebook ads have the potential to generate a 1000% increase in conversions versus standard ‘oi you buy my stuff’ ads.

And the source of this stat would know because Mike Rinard’s a high-flying Facebook  Story Ad Expert.  He’s trusted by some of the biggest names in online marketing.  

Now, you might not be ready to dive into the Facebook ads casino just yet but this stat confirms everything I know to be true about using stories to sell…

They’re off the charts amazing at:

  • Grabbing attention in an over-crowded marketplace
  • Keeping buyers’ interest and attention
  • Kick-starting the all-important process of building deep relationships with your customers 

And the process I’m about to share with you works just as well in your organic marketing.  

So here’s a step by step strategy to help you write sales story posts with the power to increase your conversions by 1000%

Step 1) Identify your client’s ONE BIG pain

If you’re super passionate about your product or service, it’s tempting to shout about every single problem you can solve.

But that’s only gonna get you crickets, my friend.  Because it’s confusing for your buyers.  

Or perhaps you’re scared of picking one pain point, in case you turn off all those other customers who might like to buy from you…


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Here’s golden rule No.1. Every piece of marketing should hammer home one, single message:

“You got this pain?  I got some sh*t that’s gonna fix that pain right up. AND make your life look like this one awesome image of smiling unicorns, or whatever…”

Instead of this:

“Are you fed up of experiencing all these issues that have nothing to do with each other?:

  • Finding nothing but cobwebs in your piggy bank?
  • Having a pesky muffin top that you just can’t shift?
  • Trying to wash the dishes, while simultaneously sending an email campaign to your list, and changing a baby’s nappy?
Well, I’ve got this awesome product that can inexplicably solve all those problems in one, magical solution.

And give you all these totally unconnected benefits that don’t make sense:

  •  A money box that’s overflowing with a never-ending supply of golden coins
  • A stomach that’s flatter than my singing voice
  • AND the secret to getting everything done in your life all at the same time”
Still want to speak to ALL the problems at once?  No? Good.
If you communicate with your clients regularly, you’ll know that there’s one key pain that’s driving the majority of them to work with you.  If you’re still not sure about the BIG PAIN to focus on, you can:
  • Interview past clients
  • Read through past emails from your clients
  • Look at feedback and testimonials

Once you’ve identified the big pain, you need to stick with it and go ALL IN on it when you choose your story.

Can you think of a story from your past (recent or waaaay back when), when you’ve struggled with the same BIG Pain as your ideal client?  This is the story you want to focus on.

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Step 2) Write the headline

Now that you’ve come up with the idea, it’s time to write.

Most social media platforms will display only the first couple of lines of your story in the Newsfeed.

So you have 2 lines of text to be interesting enough that readers will want to click the ‘see more’ button.

Use your headline to throw your buyers right into the crucial moment of despair in your story.  So choose a specific moment in your story where the drama is at its peak.

Here are a couple of ways you can start your story:

  • Dialogue
  • A question
  • A punchy quote
  • A controversial statement

Whatever it is, make it super powerful. You’re aiming to grab all those social scrollers by the collar and entice them to click through to the rest of your story.


Step 3) Describe the BIG PAIN point

Once you’ve got their attention, it’s time to start telling your story.

Can you describe the big pain point you identified in Step 1 in a couple of lines? 

Perhaps it’s a problem you experienced yourself.  Or it’s a problem faced by a friend or a client.

Whatever that problem is, keep it short and snappy.


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Step 4) Share the resolution

Now you want to move your reader towards a happy ending.  And that happy ending should be how you or they overcame their big pain point, with the help of your amazing product, service, or secret discovery.

You want your reader to get to the end of your story with no question about what helped your hero solve their problem.  So make sure your story has:

1 Obstacle (related to your client’s BIG PAIN)

1 Goal (related to your client’s biggest aspiration)

1 solution (your product or service)

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Step 5) Tell ’em what to do next

You’ve done all the hard work.  And they’re still gripped to your story.

So don’t let your client walk away without taking action.

Tell them EXACTLY what to do next if they want to experience the same happy ending as the hero in your story.

It could be:

  • Click the link to read my blog
  • Click here to download my freebie
  • Send me a DM to book a call
  • Click here to find out more about my product

An Example:

Here’s a story post I wrote recently to promote my super popular FREE story framework (which you can get by clicking the button at the end of this blog):

  • Big Pain Point – Not making enough sales in her business
  •  Big Aspiration – Increase sales without feeling gross 
  • Solution – My Super Simple Story Framework
With this single story post, I increased the size of my email list by 15% .


If you’ve been struggling to generate the kind of sales you want in your business, you don’t need to keep hammering out promo posts that no one reads.

Telling stories helps you promote your products and services in a way that’s entertaining and engaging for your audience.  AND it helps to enhance your relationship, instead of destroying it with a pushy sell.

Give this story post strategy a try.  I promise it works!

Is your messaging drowning in a sea of BORING content?  

Want to find precisely the right stories to help you build an army of raving fans and obsessed buyers?

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(I mean, your stories are right there in your head – so it totally makes sense to use them, right?)

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