4 Ways to Use Story-Led Marketing to Elevate Your Business from Blah to Brand

Story-led Marketing

My logo’s a bit sh*t.  And I’m totally OK with that.

When I started my first business (way back before I discovered the awesome world of copywriting) I honestly thought you built a brand by spending £5.99 on a stock logo from www.logodesign4u.com .  

Then, you tinkered with a piece of font-matching software.  And Voila! A brand is born.

It didn’t take long for me to understand that a brand needs to go much deeper than paying a graphic designer to put together a cute image and a snazzy strapline.  For the record, my logo’s a naff homemade one. Mainly because I spent way too much on a logo for my last business. And it ultimately didn’t help me turn my business into a brand.

What I realised was that building a brand costs nothing at all.  All you gotta do is figure out what makes you special and BE MORE OF THAT.  Which is where your stories come in. Anyone can get up on their Insta Grid, snap a duck-face selfie with some cute Raybans, and claim to have nailed their personal brand.  

But the reality’s this – your brand is no more about air-brushed photos of you tip-toeing on a beach than it is about a dodgy logo.  

It’s that indescribable feeling you get when you see a Mulberry handbag in a glossy magazine.  You know it’s not 6,000 times more useful, and it’s definitely not going to last 6,000 times longer than this bag off amazon:

…BUT you’d be willing to spend 6,000 times more on it.  Because it’s Mulberry. And there’s not much more you can say about it than that. YOU JUST FREAKIN’ WANT IT, ALRIGHT?!  

And wouldn’t it be awesome if your clients saw 6,000 times more value in you than the commoditised service providers advertising themselves on Upwork or PeoplePerHour?  Not for any reasons that they can necessarily put their finger on…but because you made them FEEL something for you.

Which is where your stories come in.  Stories are the best way to help you demonstrate all the things that are crucial to building a brand your buyers will connect with.  It’s why you need to get really strategic about how you deploy your stories. And why you need to have a clear objective behind each and every story you tell.

So, here are 4 Ways to Use Story-Led Marketing to Elevate Your Business from Blah to Brand:

1) Empathy

Picture the teenage version of you, just about to head out to meet Hot Charlie at the cinema.  You’ve just been intercepted on your way down the stairs by your dad. He tells you to wipe that ridiculous lipstick off your face.  

“GAWD I hate you Dad, you just don’t understand!”

Much like a pimpled adolescent, clients don’t want to be preached to by someone who has no idea where they’re coming from.  They want to work with someone who’s been in their shoes. Can you tell personal stories that show your ideal clients you understand the pain they’re suffering?

Empathy Section Image

Have you ever experienced the same struggles they’re experiencing right now? 

Your ideal client might be feeling shame about their pain point, so sharing your own experiences can help remove that shame for them. Just knowing they’re not alone and that someone hears them will make them feel connected to you. And it’ll start to build enough trust for them to take the next step with you.

2) Authority

You know when you read those looong tips posts on social media…it’s like being sent into a slow, painful coma?  I mean – I know they mean well but SNORE! I came to Facebook for a bit of light-entertainment. Not The Top 45 Ways to Remove Grass Stains from My Toddler’s Leggings.

Kill me now.  

Showing your expertise doesn’t have to be boring.  Can you find a fun story that ties into your lesson and gives it colour and context?  What’s really cool is that humour has been shown to increase feelings of connection and intimacy between Funny Person and Listener to Funny Person.  And people who’ve been laughing are much more open to persuasion.

So any lesson told in an amusing and entertaining way’s gonna stick way better than if you list out some tedious bullet points.  AND it’s going to help your audience feel closer to you too at the same time as appreciating your unique genius.

Story-led Marketing

3) Values

These days it’s not enough to offer the best product or service. I know, right?!  What’s a girl got to do to get some customers around here?! But 79% of customers now say that they’re more loyal to businesses with a clear purpose and values.

So it’s important you’re showing clients what you stand for using your personal stories as evidence.  

It’s not enough to say “I have integrity” – you’ve got to show people what you’re doing to make that a reality.

4) Personality

They say your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.  And if you’re anything like me that probably stirs up memories of over-hearing sniggering teenage girls bitching about you in the school loos.

Or maybe that was just me.  

Either way, you and your brand have a personality.  And it’s your duty to dial it up and make it shine. Try to think of your brand personality as a triple-distilled gin-soaked version of real-world you.  What stories can you share that would tell your audience the things you want them to know about you and your personality? You want to make them think you’re best friends in real life so when they finally meet you in person if feels like you’ve known each other forever.

For many business owners, a brand is a collection of colours, fonts and images.  I gave up on all that a LONG time ago. Because – after I got burned out by my first business – I realised something important.  People are crying out to make deeper connections with the businesses they meet online.  

Yeah they might be drawn to pretty pastels and photos of you on the beach at first. But that all wears thin pretty damn quickly.  Customers expect more than that from you, and it’s up to you to give them what they want.  

Which is why I want you to leverage the power of sharing your personal stories in your marketing Because it’s the best way to help you build the kind of relationships that will elevate your business from forgettable commodity to sought-after brand.  

Is your messaging drowning in a sea of BORING content?  

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