3 ways to consistently market your business even if you’ve been a bit flakey in the past

consistently market your business

Here’s the truth.  Staying consistent is a bitch.

If you’ve been running your business a while I bet you’re sick of being told to stay consistent.  To keep showing up on social media. Not to miss a week on your blog/podcast/YouTube channel.

Because if you do, you’ll be forgotten instantly.  You’ll disappear into online obscurity faster than that bloke from Take That…you know the one…I think his name was Joshua, or Jason maybe.  Whatever. He’s finished. 

Maybe you’ve heard marketing gurus share terrifying cautionary tales about some 7-Figure Coach who decided to take a break from Facebook, only to find their tribe had mysteriously vanished by the end of the week.

Scary, right?  But here’s the problem.  Those same marketing gurus always seem to disappear before telling you HOW to stay consistent.  

Well, I’m here to fix that problem.  Because here’s what I know. The thing that sets apart the winners from the losers in the online business game IS the people who keep showing up.  But showing up is hard. Like, Staying Off the Booze in December hard. 

Which means, if you’re going to stay consistent you need to put in place strategies that make it easy for that to happen…to make marketing a habit you slide into on autopilot at the start of each week.

So, here are 3 ways to consistently market your business even if you’ve been a bit flakey in the past. 

1) Start Small

The conventional wisdom is to churn out vast quantities of content every week.  Like Gary Vee on speed. You need daily posts across at least two social media platforms.  A weekly blog and email newsletter. Oh! And a guest blog…plus an appearance on a podcast.  

You know what – you might as well book yourself in for a few speaking gigs while you’re at it.  

If you’ve found the secret to magicking extra time out of thin air, that’s awesome.  But for most of us mortals it’s just not realistic. 

consistently market your business

And it becomes yet another yardstick to beat yourself with, when you’re already feeling pretty crappy about it all.

Here’s my advice.  Start off small. Try writing one social post per week and maybe a monthly blog.  It’s far better to create a small amount of interesting material, than a ton of half-arsed rubbish, you threw together in frustration.  

As you get better at generating ideas – and turning those ideas into content – you’ll also learn how to bash it out in half the time.  

To start off with it might take FOREVER to write just one, single Facebook post.  Because you don’t quite know what you’re doing. You might need to keep referring back to a module of that online marketing course you’ve been taking.  And before you know it, an entire day’s passed and all you’ve achieved is 5 Facebook posts and the first paragraph of a blog.

All that makes it seriously demotivating to keep at it.  Because who has that amount of time to waste each week on top of all the other things you’ve got going on?  

Start small and then get more ambitious as you learn what works and what doesn’t.  

consistently market your business

2) Make it a pleasure

Ah…dopamine…that wonderful mind drug that keeps you reaching for the biccies when you’re on a January health kick.  You know it’s wrong but you can’t help yourself, dammit! Because they’re so bloomin’ tasty.

Your logic says no, but all the pleasure centres in your brain are demanding more of the good stuff!  So you cave. Not because you’re weak, but because we’re all wired to do what gives us pleasure.

In his book, Atomic Habits, James Clear talks about replacing painful behaviour with habits that you enjoy.   Because, as soon as something stops being fun or enjoyable, it’s so much harder to stick at it.

It’s no different with your marketing.  If it feels like a pointless slog that you dread each week, you’re never going to stay consistent.  But if you can find a way to build in some kind of happy-hormone-inducing result, you might even start to look forward to doing it.  

You can do this in a couple of ways:

  • Create content you actually enjoy producing – if you hate writing, why not record videos or create infographics.  If you love writing, find a style that feels fun and natural for you
  • Get results from your work – going back to Tip No.1…it’s better to product a small amount of awesome material, than a ton of crap.  Quality will reap results. And results are extremely motivating!
  • When it feels like a chore, stop! – if you’re getting fed up, don’t force yourself.

Once you’ve got into a groove of making marketing a pleasure, you’ll find it far easier to stay consistent.

3) Out-source the bits you hate

I can already hear the screams, ‘But I can’t afford to pay for help!’.  Here’s the thing, if paid help’s going to get you to stay consistent, and consistency’s going to bring you more clients…then you can’t afford NOT to pay for help.

Think of it as an investment in the growth of your business.  

I’m not suggesting you should out-source every part of your marketing, because good marketers are expensive.  

But if you can isolate the bits you hate so much you’d rather spend that time listening to my husband talking about the different varieties of gravel he’s just bought for his Japanese garden – you can at least take a BIG chunk of pain out of the process.  

haute-stock-photography-blush-and-black-workday-final-14 (1)

For me, it’s graphics and blog editing.  I hate it. So I refuse to do it. Now, I get to spend my time on the bits of marketing I enjoy.  i.e. writing stuff like this. 

If you hate ALL your marketing, that could be more of an expensive problem. But have faith that if you’re consistent now, it won’t be long before you really CAN afford to pass on the whole lot and stick to the jobs you love.

No one wants to work with a flakey business owner who’s there one minute and gone the next.      So if you want to have a pipeline of clients in need of your help, you need to keep getting all up in their faces on a regular basis.  But consistent marketing’s never going to be easy. And it’s a part of your business where you can’t afford to cut corners. (Sorry).  

Which is why I want you to make it as easy as possible to turn marketing your business from a painful process into an effortless habit you actually enjoy.    By following these 3 ways to consistently market your business you’ll be a huge step closer to achieving the staying power that’s been eluding you until now.

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