How to Get your Hands on the PERFECT Story-Worthy Testimonial WITHOUT P*ssing Off Your Clients

get the perfect testimonial

There’s nothing quite like receiving an awesome testimonial.

One where your favourite client gushes about you and highlights the exact reasons why you’re a total rock-star at what you do.  And that you can turn into an engaging success story, that’ll have your prospects glued to their screens.

It’s like the ultimate payday: like being showered with diamonds, while Brad Pitt gives you a shoulder massage and tops up your champagne glass.

(OK, Anna – Back in the room)

It’s a huge ego-booster (you know it’s true), it gives you massive social proof AND you know it’s going to pay off in the future by helping you attract even more awesome customers.

Only there’s a problem.  

Getting your hands on one of these Unicorn Testimonials can feel tougher than trying to lose 50lbs over Christmas.

Often, clients are more than willing but they literally don’t know what to say.  So they procrastinate. And forget. Or they write something soooo bad it’s practically unusable.  And you’re a braver business owner than me if you’re willing to have this conversation:

“Yeah…so about that testimonial you sent over.  It’s cr*p. You’re gonna have to do it over.”

Perfect if you want a way to kill a client relationship.  Not so good for ANYTHING else. 

Thankfully, there IS a way to get customer feedback in precisely the format you need. To guarantee that – when you open the email marked ‘feedback’ – you’ll have the perfect story-worthy testimonial.  And instead of p*ssing off your clients to get it, you’ll actually make it less effort and more likely that they’ll help you out.

The good news is this.  It’s easier than you think.

Step 1) Ask Permission First

The best clients will send you feedback without being asked.  Those guys are awesome. They’re also the exception. Not because people are a-holes.  But because they’re busy.

You know from running your own business, how easy it is for the best intentions to slip.  When your To Do list starts spawning new tasks like some kind of Alpha Bunny on Viagra. You forget.

Which means, if you want a testimonial you’ve got to ask.  But before ploughing straight in with what I’m about to share in Steps 2 and 3, it’s important to get permission first.  No one likes to feel ambushed or like you’re making assumptions.

Think about the difference:

“Would you mind if I sent you a couple of super quick feedback questions?”

get the perfect testimonial


“Here’s a questionnaire.  I know you think I’m awesome so please fill it in for me.”

Just like when you’re selling, you want to make the first YES as painless as possible.  In sales, this is called a Micro-Commitment…it’s a trick that plays on our psychological need to stay consistent with our commitments.  No matter how small.

So get a teeny weeny bit of buy-in first.  And then come back later to get what you really need.  

get the perfect testimonial

Step 2) Manage Expectations

When I started working in corporate, I didn’t know what it meant to ‘Manage Expectations’.  So, if you’re anything like me, it’s basically just Executive-Level BS for…

“Tell them what’s going to happen to them next”

You’re far more likely to get the YES and the testimonial you want if you make the process sound:

  • So simple a caveman could do it without wasting any precious brain juice 
  • So quick they can fire it back in less time than it takes to munch through a hobnob

Tell your client how long it’s going to take (i.e. no more than 3 minutes).  And tell them what’s involved (3 super simple questions). In advance. And don’t lie. 

Step 3) – Do what you said you’d do

Once you’ve got the Yes you wanted and your client is expecting to send you a testimonial, send them over what you promised:

A quick 3-question survey asking them about their experience, which won’t take more than 3-minutes of their time.  

Now, you want to make sure that you’re asking the right questions.  Because the goal is to take the feedback you receive and turn it into a story. 

get the perfect testimonial

And what every story needs, is that all-important story arc made up of: 

  • A struggle
  • A journey
  • A resolution 

So here are the questions you need to ask to get to the good stuff:

  • What was your No.1 problem before we started working together?  (The struggle)
  • What were the most important steps we took to help you achieve your goals? (The journey)
  • What impact have you seen since working together? (The resolution)

That’s all you need.

get the perfect testimonial

Step 4) – Sit back and wait for the stories to come in

Because you’ve made it really easy for your clients to tell you what they think, they’ll have no problems getting back to you in super quick time.

Now it’s just a question of taking the feedback and crafting it into a story you can share on social media and send to your email list.  Click HERE for a simple plug-n-play framework to put your testimonial to work.

No one wants to p*ss off their clients by badgering them for a testimonial for weeks on end, only to get back something totally unusable for the purposes of your marketing.  You want to make it as straight-forward and painless as possible for your client to find the right words. AND for you to turn it into an engaging story. Follow my simple, step-by-step process and you’ll have an effortless social-proof story bank waiting to be shared. 

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