[Story-Driven Marketing of the Week #1] Matt Hussey Pre-Sale Page

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When you’re selling a product by email, you might want to add an EXTRA WARM-UP STEP in the buying process.

Perhaps you’re not sure if your email list is quite warm enough to buy directly from a link in your email.  So you need to give them a little extra nudge to get in the right mindset to buy.

This is where a pre-sale page comes in.  

It bridges the gap between the initial call to action (CTA) and your product sales page.

A couple weeks ago, I came across a brilliant pre-sales page by a well-known coach in the dating niche.  It was done in a way I’ve never seen before.  If I was in the market for relationship advice, it would have done the job to move me closer to the sale.

If you find that there’s a large drop-off between cold ad, organic social media or email traffic and your sales page…you’ll definitely want to see it.  It’s going to give you some great ideas for your own pre-sales page.

I’m going to break down the key elements that make this step in Matthew Hussey’s funnel so effective.

Let’s dive in…

Video Time Stamp:  0:15 – 2:27

  • Visually interesting design – the text message layout is intriguing and makes the reader want to read further into the copy
  • Copy is consistent with the design – the copy uses text speak, emojis and very little punctuation to maintain consistency with the text message design
  • Humour – this is designed to be fun, which lowers resistance and makes readers more attentive and responsive to Matt’s sales message

Video Time Stamp:  2:28 – 4:07

  • Uses their ideal client’s language – the copy speaks the language of their target audience, using emojis and GIFs to highlight emotions
  • Tells a familiar story – the text message exchange tells a dating story that will be familiar to their ideal client.
  • Matt adds credibitility – the copy answers the objection ‘who are you to be giving me relationship advice’ before leading into the offer
  • Teases the promise – the promise sounds easy to achieve, and attractive to the reader

Video Time Stamp:  4:08 – 6:33

  • Teases the promise – the promise sounds easy to achieve, and attractive to the reader
  • Clear call to action – high contrast button with clear CTA

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