[Story-Driven Marketing of the Week #2] Ruth Kudzi’s 9-Word Email

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Ever wondered what to do with inactive subscribers on your email list?  

You’ll often hear advice like this…

“Cull your list.  Inactive subscribers are costing you money”

But what if I told you, you could be throwing away a smoking hot pool of potential revenue?  What if you’re cutting off subscribers at precisely the moment they’re sizzling to buy and they’re hovering over the buy button?

According to email marketing wizard, Dean Jackson, it’s what most online businesses are doing.  And you could be too if you don’t have a system in place for resuscitating old leads.

Which is why I’ve chosen Ruth Kudzi’s email for today’s Story-Driven Marketing of the Week.

 It’s a textbook example of Dean Jackson’s infamous 9-WORD EMAIL.

It’s a method he developed to help businesses quickly revive dead leads, in a way that feels effortless and fun.  It’s a strategy that generates surprisingly awesome results for something so quick.  

In fact, it’s so simple, it kind of feels like cheating…


Hit play and let’s dive into Ruth’s email.


Video Time Stamp:  2:29 – 6:53

Key things to notice from this email:

  • Simple subject line – Ruth asks a straight forward question that looks like something you’d ask a prospect in a personalised 1:1 email 
  • The email copy is extremely brief – the magic of the 9-Word Email is its brevity.  Don’t be tempted to write any more than 1-2 sentences.  It should look like something you threw out on impulse, while casually thinking about your prospect.
  • There’s context – Ruth has given enough context around her question to remind people why they signed up to her list, but hasn’t fallen into the trap of saying too much
  • It opens a story loop – People don’t like to be rude.  By sending this email, you open up a loop that the human brain feels compelled to close (by replying to the email)
  • You’ll be amazed how many profitable sales conversations you can start with this one-line email. Try it and see!

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