[Story-Driven Marketing of the Week #3] Angel Lists’ Robot Invasion

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Is it possible to take dry content and turn it into emails that subscribers actually look forward to reading?

This is a question I get asked all the time.

Despite the passion you feel for your area of expertise, it can feel like a struggle to express your enthusiasm in a way that your audience appreciates.

Take my husband, he’s obsessed with Zen Gardening.  He could talk for DAYS about the ultimate technique for pruning his azaleas.  When he starts to explain the finer points of which branches to snip, I can feel myself zoning out and thinking about what to cook for dinner.

But he also has a TON of fascinating stories about the history of Japanese Gardening…Stories about ninjas and samurai and emperors, who came a cropper because of a badly trimmed maple tree.  

When he tells me those stories, I’m all ears.

Which is what this week’s story-driven marketing of the week is all about.  In today’s example, Angel List, have successfully taken the dry topic of robotics investment and turned it into a story filled with FOMO, fever pitch and fear.

Watch the video below to find out how they told their story:

Video Time Stamp 0:00 – 3:10

Key Points to note

  • The subject like builds up enough of a sense of dread and intrigue that you want to click into the email and find out more 
  • The intro tells the story of the mysterious, TacoCopter, which used technology to deliver food as if by magic.  They explained the concept visually, so you can picture the drone delivering your food

Video Time Stamp 3:11 – 4:58

Key Points to note


  • They ramp up FOMO and hype to tap into an investor’s mindset of not wanting to miss the boat on an opportunity to make a profit
  • Angel List position themselves as part of an inner circle who passionately believe in the power of technology to create magical moments that enhance our lives. Only you, the reader, and AngelList are part of this club who understands the magic
  • There’s a hint of disappointment and failure


Video Time Stamp 4:49 – 7:53

Key Points to note


  • The tone of the email is conversational, and speaks to you as a friend casually addressing a friend
  • The email moves on to list present day tech companies who are making robotics work.  This positions Angel List as the expert, with inside knowledge on which start-ups are making it work in the current climate 
  • Having ramped up the excitement, they bring the email back down to Earth.  They make reference to the technical, safety and regulatory considerations that you should consider before getting carried away.  
  • Clear Call To Action (CTA) – View Story


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