How to 5 X Your Storytelling for Faster, More Effective Marketing

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More than 75% of business owners admit to finding their marketing a total pain in the neck.

Experts recommend that new businesses should spend at least 25% of their time marketing their business.  That’s the single biggest allocation of your time, outside of actually delivering your product or service to clients.

So what happens if marketing’s not your bag? 

Those 40 hours a month could turn into a real drag…ultimately leading to poor consistency and poor results.

But what if there was a way to increase your marketing productivity by 500% AND radically improve the quality of your marketing at the same time? 

Well, that’s where a process called “Insight Stacking” comes in.  It’s a system that allows you to set yourself up with optimum writing conditions to crank out marketing stories in record time.

Check out the video to find out how. 

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Video Transcript:

Hey Anna here. I want to speak to you today about a way that you can 5x the speed that you write stories for your business, so that you can spend more time focusing on the elements of your business that you actually enjoy and you can start to see better results from the marketing material that you do produce.

Often when I speak to my clients they tell me that they’re frustrated at the amount of time it takes them to generate the right story ideas for their business and they want to find a way to make the process faster and more effective so that they don’t feel like they’re wasting their time sitting staring at a blank screen and then not getting results out the other end.

Which is why I’m going to share with you a system that i’ve developed called Insight Stacking, which allows you to induce the state of flow, to make your marketing feel less stressful and to make it more effective and much faster for you to produce.

Okay, let’s dive into how to 5x your storytelling so that you can create more effective marketing in much less time.

Now what happens when we get into a state of flow is that Executives have reported a 500% increase in their productivity.

The speed at which they can carry out their tasks is five times higher and that’s also possible for you and your marketing.

If you can get yourself into a state of flow, you’re going to be able to create five times the amount of work if you set the right conditions up for you to succeed. The reason why this happens is that being in flow allows you to hit full capacity in your cognitive functioning. Our brains can handle up to 120 pieces of information per second.

But under normal circumstances we’re nowhere near that level of functionality.

But once you hit the state of flow, your brain is able to work at its maximum capacity, meaning that you can work faster, you can also work better so the quality of your work becomes much higher

You also start to enjoy the work that you’re doing as you’re working on it. Not only are you feeling happier while you’re working, there is actually a lasting increase in your overall sense of happiness.

So imagine if you could bring that sense of achievement and happiness into your everyday life and also create awesome marketing while you’re doing it. Now it is possible to actually induce that state of flow because often business owners tell me that they find it difficult to get into the Zone when they’re working on their business, particularly if marketing isn’t necessarily something that gets them excited or that they feel like they’re really brilliant at. You can induce a state of flow even in tasks that aren’t particularly in your zone of genius.

The first thing that you need to do is eliminate any kind of external distractions so that you can focus 100% on the task at hand.

You also want to work on one very specific task at a time.

When it comes to marketing there are various different elements that go into creating your work.

There is research, there is idea generation, and then there’s the actual process of writing the stuff down.

I want to encourage you to break those tasks down so that you’re only focusing on one small element of your writing at any one time.

What you find is that when you’re working on the writing part of your marketing, you’re actually using the language centers of your brain which are located in your left brain.

But the area that’s responsible for idea generation, is actually located in various different centers dotted around the whole of your brain.

It’s very difficult to tap into the Writing Centers of your brain, at the same time as idea generating.

You want to almost compartmentalize those different elements of your marketing so that at any one time you’re only focusing on one element.

You can also induce a state of flow by working when your energy is at its peak.

You should also try to have a clear objective behind whatever task you’re focusing on and create yourself a mental cue.

Maybe try to implement some kind of ritual before you sit down to write.

Now, how can you induce a state of flow to 5x your story telling? Now many copywriters will admit to having some kind of writing ritual.

John Carlton famously used to stalk the desk before sitting down to write copy.

He would get himself fired up so that he had the passion and the power and his writing to make the sale.

Marcela Allison admits to lighting a candle and turning over tarot cards.

Whatever works for you. It’s important to get yourself into the right mindset so that you’re ready to sit down and write. I’d also suggest setting aside some non-negotiable copywriting time each week.

Make this the time when you have the most energy because the creative process and the writing process take a huge amount of brain capacity.

Trying to do this when you’re tired or you’re irritable or you’re just not in the mood, is only going to make this process take much longer for you, so try to find a time during the week, which you block out in your diary where you know, you’re going to have the energy and you know you’re going to have the time to fully focus on getting down and doing your writing.

Now when it’s time to write, it’s important that you focus only on the writing because as I mentioned before the writing part of your brain is very different from the creative part of your brain and not only is the writing part of your brain different from the creative part of your brain, it’s also different from the editing part of your brain.

Now often when we are writing we start to try and auto edit or self-edit as we’re going along and what this is doing is switching you from one mental state to the next. It’s taking you out of writing mode and into editing mode, which is the equivalent to task switching as far as your cognitive functioning is concerned. Now the other element of focusing only on one task at a time is making sure that you’ve prepared all the components of your marketing ahead of time.

Do your research in advance. Make sure that you know what your message is going to be so that when you sit down to actually come and write it, you’re not having to flip between all your different browser tabs, you’re not having to generate your ideas, you’re not having to do your research as you go along.

You’ve got everything lined up in advance so that when it’s time to write, all you need to do is pull it all together and get the words down on paper.

Now the other thing that’s a really good idea, is to keep track of your story ideas as they come to you.

Now as we know the creative part of your brain is very different from the writing part of your brain and you may well have had an experience where you’ve opened up your laptop to sit down to write and you’ve no idea what you’re going to say. Trying to draw those ideas out of your head when you’re not in the right mindset is only going to lead to frustration and either a complete lack of ideas or a really slow and painful process that yields poor results.

So what we want to do is allow yourself the time and space at various intervals of your day just to just to think just to give your brain the space to come up with the ideas without you overthinking it too much.

It might be a case of going for a 20 minute walk.

It could be when you’re having a shower that your ideas come to you.

Just allow yourself the space to let your mind wander because that’s when the ideas are going to come to you. Once that happens, I want you to keep track of your story ideas. Write them down in a notebook.

Maybe even keep a notebook by the side of the shower so that if you have an idea in the shower, you can write it down as soon as it comes to you and that means when it comes to actually sitting down to write your stories down, you’re not having to come up with the idea and write the story at the same time.

The idea is already there for you to draw on. All you have to do is then get your writing head on and go out and execute those ideas.

Now, it’s really important before you sit down to write a story that you have a clear marketing objective in mind and that’s because not only does it help to induce a state of flow it also means that whatever you’re writing is going to be more effective because it’s highly targeted.

It’s highly specific and you’re picking the right story idea to meet your objective.

Finally to get yourself into a state of flow when it comes to your storytelling, you need to get to a point where you’ve developed your writing skill.

Now one of the best ways to incorporate all of these elements that are going to get you into flow, is to use a process called Insight Stacking.

That is where we bring together all of the elements of your storytelling and do all the preparation in the background work, in advance so that it’s all there for you to get you into a state of flow, as you sit down to write.

The first element of the Insight stacking process is to gather together all of your customer insights.

Make sure that you have deep knowledge of your ideal client avatar, understand their pain points and their needs, before you sit down to write.

The next level is to have an understanding of your competitors.What is it that your competitors are doing that your ideal clients don’t like and how can you differentiate yourself from your competitors?

The next level up is to have an understanding of your internal insight. What are your brand values? What’s your USP? And how do you use those as a filter when you’re sharing your stories? Above that we have our objectives.

As I mentioned, it’s really important when your storytelling, to understand what objective you’re trying to hit with your marketing and to be clear with that in your mind, before your pen hits the paper.

Finally you’ve got your skill level. Making sure that you have all the right writing skills to get you in flow when you sit down to write.

Once you have all of these elements in place, you’re going to be well set up to get yourself into a state of flow and to massively increase the speed that you’re able to come up with your story ideas and to execute them in your marketing.

You’re also going to see a huge increase in the quality of your work and your general enjoyment levels as you work through the marketing process.

If you enjoyed that then make sure you check out the rest of my blog post where I share other storytelling ideas and ideas on how to make the most of your marketing and to make the process much more efficient so that you can spend more time doing the jobs that you love inside your business.

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