The 6 Biggest Reasons Why Your About Me Page Sucks…and Why it Matters

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Do you have “About Me Shame”?

For most entrepreneurs, their About Me page is an afterthought.  They know they should have one, but when it comes to actually writing the damn thing they don’t know what to say.

Three things can happen…

They write nothing.  They chuck something together so they at least have an About Me, OR they write an extended version of their CV.

Sound familiar?  

If you’ve been wondering if it’s worth putting in the time to write a killer About Me page, check out this video.

In it, I explain the 6 biggest reasons why your About Me page sucks…and why it matters.  Click the video and save yourself from About Me Shame.

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Video Transcript:

Hey, Anna here. Do you have ‘About Me’ page shame?

For most entrepreneurs, their About Me page tends to be a bit of an afterthought. They know they should have one, but they don’t put the time and the energy into putting one together because they just don’t know what to write.

So three things can happen. First of all, they have no About Me page. Second of all, they might just chuck something together, so they just have that URL on their website. Or third of all, they end up writing a lengthy extended version of their personal resume, which quite frankly if you’re visiting someone’s website is kind of dull.

So it’s really important that you nail this and get it right. But why is it important that you have a decent About Me page?

In this video, I’m going to walk you through the six reasons why most people’s About Me pages suck and the reasons why it matters. Let’s start by thinking about why exactly you need an awesome About Me page.

Well what most people don’t realize is that their About Me page is actually the second most visited page on their website. If you think about it, it’s the most logical next step after somebody has hit your home page. What your home page is designed to do, is to tell your visitors what you do and how you do it. Where your About Me page comes in is that it explains your all-important ‘why’. It tells your prospects why what you do, matters so much to you. The final thing that your About Me page does, is it expresses your values & it shows your prospects, the values that matter to you as you run your business.

The reason that this is important is because most people prefer to work with business owners whose values align with their own. Let’s just take a little bit of time to understand what your brand values are. In essence your brand is the personality of your business and your brand values are the guiding principles that shape the way you do business and also the way you market your business. If you don’t have brand values and you don’t have a brand, then it’s impossible for you to build any kind of brand loyalty.

What research has shown, is that over a ten-year period brands with a compelling USP, brand identity, and clear values, who market those consistently, see growth of over 160%. While those without, grow by an average of just 21%. 83% of Millennials would rather buy from businesses that align with their values. That’s because buyers want to feel connected to a community, that shares the same sense of purpose and values that they do. In a way it’s an expression of their identity, it’s an expression of their own political and social beliefs. That’s why it’s so important that you demonstrate your values in your About Me page.

When you’re writing your About Me page, most business owners will make these six big mistakes.

The first big mistake is not having an About Me page at all. As I explained earlier, the reason why it’s so important is because it’s the second most visited page on your website. So you really can’t afford not to have an About Me page.

The second mistake that many business owners make, is that they try to sound really corporate. They talk about themselves as ‘we’ or ‘they’, as if they were writing a Hollywood bio of themselves. Actually your About Me page is about you making a personal connection with your readers. If you think about it, most corporates would absolutely kill for the kind of intimate personal connection that you have with your customers. So why try and mimic corporate speak by making yourself sound bigger than you are? Use your small and mighty status to your advantage and make the kind of personal connections that big brands would be absolutely dying to make, but they can’t because of their size.

The third mistake that many businesses make with their About Me page is waffling. They go off on a tangent and they start telling threads in their story that aren’t relevant to their ideal client. It becomes long-winded and boring and nobody has time to read information that isn’t 100% relevant and that doesn’t move the story forward in an engaging and interesting way.

The fourth mistake that many people make with their About Me page is being too generic and vague. What can happen here is that most people aren’t clear on what their real origin story is. So what was the exact trigger moment that led you to do what you do? They tend to talk in quite general vague terms, and what ends up coming out, is a sort of ‘heard it all before’ about me story that doesn’t really give your readers any idea of the person behind the brand.

The fifth mistake that many people make with their About Me page is not connecting their story to their ideal client pain point, because actually what you’re doing with your About Me page is you’re telling your customers story from your own perspective. Your journey needs to map 100% against the story of your ideal client.

Then the final mistake that most business owners make with their About Me page is not including a photo of your face. So a lot of people will often be scared of the camera – they don’t want people to see the person behind the brand. I’m just going to show you why it’s so important that you do show your face.

The reason why it’s so important for people to see photos of your face, is that people need to see your face to feel any kind of emotional connection. That’s because our brains are actually hardwired to respond to faces. Interestingly a few years back they conducted a study on epilepsy patients, where they put them in a scanning machine and showed them pictures of Jennifer Aniston’s face. When they saw this picture of Jennifer Aniston’s face, it showed enormous amounts of brain activity versus pictures of anything else. What they did was, they showed pictures of household objects, of Jennifer Aniston’s whole body, they also showed pictures of people that the participants in the experiment, would never have seen before and wouldn’t recognize. What this experiment shows is that not only do our brains prefer faces, they also prefer faces we’re repeatedly exposed to – so it’s really important that you show your face on your About Me page.

Not just once, but over and over again, so that you start to bring in some familiarity and increase trust. What we know is that more trust, equals more sales and that’s what your About Me page is all about.

If you enjoyed the tips in this video, make sure that you head over to my blog where you’ll find more helpful videos about how to tell your story better and to write better marketing copy for your business. You can find my videos at

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