Five Crystal Clear Signs You’re Telling the Right Stories to Connect with Your Audience

Story Marketing Success

When it comes to storytelling, my clients often ask me this question:

“How do I know if I’m telling the right stories to connect with my audience”

They worry they might be getting this whole storytelling thing wrong. And that they’re wasting their time on a skill that’s not going to help them gain traction in their marketing.  I get it. 

Telling stories in your marketing can feel like a huge shift from the kind of marketing you’ve been used to.   It can feel uncomfortable when everyone else is following the same format of obnoxious promos or tips-based content.  So, you wonder if they’re doing it right and maybe you’re the one who’s got it wrong (even though you KNOW your buyers are totally turned off by typical marketing tactics).

Which is why you want to make sure you’re telling the right stories for your audience.  So you can be sure you see a return on your energy and the time you invest in learning to tell better stories.

Because there’s nothing worse than putting a tonne of effort into learning a new skill and seeing zero result on the other end.

But what if you knew how to spot the exact signs to look out for when your stories are working?  You’d have the confidence to pick out the stories that are working for your audience so you can tell more of them…without wondering if everyone else knows something you don’t.

It’s why I want to share with you the five crystal clear signs you’re telling the right stories to connect with your audience.

5 Signs of Story Marketing Success

Story Marketing Success

1) An increase in quality engagement

Whether you’re using storytelling for organic social media, email marketing, or paid ads, one clear sign that you’re telling the right stories to your audience is that they’re starting to talk back to you.

You’ll see an increase in meaningful replies to your stories, with respondents thanking you for your honesty.  Often, I’ll receive replies like these to my story-driven emails:

“This email is really inspiring! Where do I sign up to get your help?”


“Anna – you’re the best.  I’m so hooked on your emails”

And that includes when I send out promotional emails where I’m making an offer for paid products or services.  Pitch or no pitch, when you tell the right stories in your marketing, your readers will devour your words and tell you how much they enjoy your marketing.

2) Prospects get nervous when they jump on a call with you

One of the more amusing side effects of telling the right stories in your marketing, is that you become the star of your own reality showonly without the bad acting and fake arguments.

Nowadays, when I hop on a discovery call with a prospect that’s been following me on social media or reading my emails for a while, they say things like:

“This is so weird…I feel like I’m chatting to an old friend even though we’ve never spoken before”

That’s because when you tell the right stories, you’re building relationships with every single email or social media post you publish. 

So, instead of being a soulless vendor that attracts one-off clients with your encyclopaedic knowledge of the latest SEO strategies, you transform into a trusted friend who forges long-term relationships (and charges premium fees).

Now, you might be nervous about turning your life into a cheap reality show.  Fear not!  When you tell the right stories, you’re in control of the details you share.  You get to frame the narrative around your business and your life in a way that serves you and your clients. 

I’m actually a very private person at heart, though you might not think that from reading my emails.  That’s the beauty of story-driven marketing.  You have the power to build deep relationships WITHOUT having to give away all your secrets.

3) People tell you you’re human Marmite

For the benefit of my American friends, I should explain that Marmite is a sticky brown sandwich spread that’s notoriously divisive for people in the UK.  You either love it or hate it. 

Which is exactly what happens to you when you tell the right stories in your marketing.

“Wait? What?! I don’t want people to hate me!” 

Story Marketing Success

Although it’s scary to polarise opinion, it’s absolutely essential when you’re marketing your business.  Now I’m not suggesting you should go around calling people w*nkers and starting fights on Twitter.  That’s not cool.

When you tell the right stories in your marketing, you’ll start to draw in the right prospects with greater magnetic force than the Soft Gamma Repeater.  But you’ll also start to repel the WRONG prospects with equal but opposite force.

And that’s a GOOD thing.  So, as soon as your followers start to tell you that you’re a bit like Marmite, that’s a sure-fire sign you’re on the right track.

4) Your audience will take action 

When you’re telling the right stories at the right time to the right people, you’ll start to see an increase in the number of people who actually take action on your emails, social media posts and ads.

These could be actions like…

  • Clicking the links in your emails
  • Booking discovery calls
  • Downloading your lead magnet
  • Replying or commenting on your stories
  • Visiting your website
  • Watching your videos

All these actions are signs that you’ve won the battle for your prospect’s attention and they’re reading your stories right to the end.  They’re also a sign that the story you shared moved them enough to take action on your words.

And that, my friend, is no mean feat. 

Story Marketing Success

5) Increased sales and revenue

What’s the ultimate goal of all your marketing efforts?  Yup! Making sales and generating revenue.  Which is why the final sign that you’re telling the right stories, is that your sales go up and so does your revenue.

Storytelling allows you to build stronger connections with your audience so that when prospects come to you, they’re already sold. 

What does that mean? Well, it means that when it’s time to sell, you don’t have to resort to pushy tactics to make the sale.  You don’t need to run endless flash sales, create fake scarcity and urgency, or spam your list like an email terrorist.

You’ve done the hard work up front, which makes closing the sale feel like you’re cheating.

When you begin to explore story-driven marketing in your business, it’s natural to start second-guessing the process.  You might wonder if everyone else is right and you’re wrong to be trying something new.

But here’s the thing – just because everyone else is publishing obnoxious promos and boring content – that doesn’t make it right.

Which is why you want to learn to recognise the signs that you’re on the right track. So that you have the confidence to keep telling more of the right stories that move your prospects to buy.

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