The Secret to Writing Compelling Email Copy that Sounds Like You (even if you think you’re boring)

compelling email copy

Across the globe, marketers send over 110 billion emails PER DAY.  That’s the equivalent of every single person on the planet (including newborn babies and centenarians) receiving 14 marketing emails a day.


Now, if your inbox is anything like mine, it’s exploding with emails that go straight in the bin.  I often hear business owners complain that “email is dead.”   They believe email marketing is broken.  When, in actual fact, it’s their personality that’s broken. 

Why? Because most email marketing sounds like its personality has been surgically removed by a ruthless lobotomist.  Which means most email marketing is duller than a November day in Yorkshire. 

It’s why I want you to inject more YOU into the emails you send to your list (even if you think you’re boring).

Here are some of the best strategies you can use to add dial up your personality and drive higher open, click and binge rates in your email marketing:

1) Forget what your English teacher told you

Most business owners have had some kind of traumatic experience with a matronly English teacher. Or an equally traumatic stint in corporate.

Both of these things do wonders for furthering your ability to sound like a robot.  But most of what you learned in school or in corporate will do little to help you send engaging emails.  Which is why you need to un-learn what they told you about writing during the first 30 years of your life.

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With a few exceptions.  You still need to follow the basics of good grammar and punctuation for the sake of clarity.  That’s because there’s no point in having personality, if no one can understand your message.

So, remind yourself of the basics of good form and structure.  But for everything else?  Your No.1 goal is to make your English Teacher weep. 

  • Use contractions like I’m (I am), She’s (She is), They’re (They are), w’ever (whatevs, whatever).
  • End your sentences with prepositions: “That’s the restaurant I told you about” vs “That is the restaurant about which I spoke”. Can you spot which one makes you sound like a pompous windbag with a rod up your backside?
  • Write slang – Is it even a word if it’s not made it into the Oxford English Dictionary? Your English teacher would probably say no. But it’s totally OK to make up words. Or use words that haven’t been officially recognised by a group of word geeks in a dusty library.  

Your copy should sound the way you speak.  (Only maybe a bit punchier with better thought our word choices.)

2) If you’re serious, be serious

The other day I was giving a presentation to a group of women in the wedding industry.  One of the women mentioned a block she was having around writing personality-packed emails. 

“Do I have to sound like a blonde cheerleader on speed when I send out an email?”

Well, if you sound like a blonde cheerleader on speed in your day to day life, then you absolutely should sound like a blonde cheerleader on speed in your emails.

But if your personality is more serious, that’s also OK.  Your emails should sound like you.  NOT like anyone else, no matter how much you might admire their writing style.

They key is to dial up YOUR personality.  Nobody else’s.

So, spend some time analysing what makes you you.  Or ask some friends to describe you in 3 words or less.   The truth is, that the right people will be attracted to you, no matter what personality type you have.  So don’t be afraid to be absolutely, 100% you (even if you suspect you might be a bit boring).

3) Read your emails out loud

One of the best ways to check your emails for personality is to read your emails out loud.  When you read inside your head, it’s easy to miss the sentences which sound clunky or SoLongNoOneCanUnderstandWhatTheChuffYoureSaying. 

When you read aloud, you’ll naturally trip over your own awkward sentences.  And you’ll pick out the words that make you sound like R2D2 at a grammar convention.

compelling email copy

If you want to take it a step further, why not record yourself reading aloud and play it back?  OR for those who really hate writing, you can even use a piece of AI transcription software like to record the audio first.  Then you can take your natural spoken words and transform them into an email that actually sounds like you. 

For most online business owners, one of the biggest challenges with email marketing, is standing out in your subscribers’ inbox.  With all the shoutiness going on, it’s easy to see why so many people believe that email doesn’t work.

The truth is, that email IS dead if your emails are DEAD BORING.  Which is why it’s so important for you to inject more you into your copy.  The best thing is, it doesn’t have to cause brain ache.  Just follow the three simple changes above and you’ll have the key to compelling emails that drive opens, clicks and binge-reading sessions.

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