Episode 6 – The one about connecting through your stories

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In This Episode

Most online marketing gurus tell you to ‘suck it up’ and post generic, cookie-cutter content that makes you sound exactly the same as everybody else.

In an increasingly noisy landscape, it can feel practically impossible to stand out and demonstrate what makes you unique.

It’s no wonder so many entrepreneurs feel like marketing is a complete waste of their time.  It’s why the majority of business owners struggle to stay consistent and get stuck in a frustrating cycle of feast or famine.

When your marketing feels inauthentic, painful and ineffective, that’s when you’re most likely to throw in the towel.

The good news is, there IS a better way to market.

And it’s what our guest, Brian Czekanski, shares with us on today’s episode.  He walks us through his favourite strategies for automating your lead gen AND how to use your personal stories to get better results and have more fun with your marketing. 

Episode Highlights:

  • How to grab and leverage attention in a crowded marketplace by elevating your brand through authentic storytelling 
  • What happens to your business when you follow generic marketing strategy that doesn’t fit your unique DNA
  • The No.1 objection most entrepreneurs have to niching down and why it’s vital for your business 
  • Why publicly making mistakes leads to more sales and sets you apart from 99% of the competition
  • Where to find your most powerful testimonial (it’s not from your clients)
  • How business owners can successfully navigate COVID-19 and seize the opportunity to thrive 
  • The most common marketing mindset blocks that derail even the most resilient online coaches and how to overcome them 
  • Why mastering strategy and copy isn’t enough to help you attract your dream clients

Beg, Steal & Swipe These Resources:

Helen & Anna’s Resources

Helen’s M-Power Playbook that gives your rockstar confidence to grow your business https://bit.ly/MpowerPlaybook 

Anna’s Email Story Generator that helps you write binge-worthy stories that get you paid 

Visit www.york-walker.com to find out more about coaching with Helen

Check out www.wordistry.co.uk to get more info on how Anna can help your business


Brian’s Resources

To find out how you can work directly with Brian, visit his website at: www.mindsetcopy.com

And learn how to grow your online following using the Viral Channel Formula www.viralchannelformula.com

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