Episode 5 – The one about rocking your Facebook Live Videos

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In This Episode

Facebook Live Video is one of the best ways to connect with your audience, attract leads and make sales in your business.


Because there’s something super intimate about behind the scenes live video. Facebook Lives have an immediacy about them that’s impossible to recreate in any other form of content.

Not only that, the Facebook Gods WANT you to create original content that helps keep eyeballs inside the platform. In fact, the algorithm favours live video over static posts or re-purposed video content. Which means you’re much more likely to get seen by your ideal clients. And once you get seen, it speeds up the relationship-building process so you can quickly convert your followers into buyers.

Trouble is, Live Video is the No1 sticking point for most online entrepreneurs.  

Fear of going live on camera is responsible for holding back an enormous number of ambitious online business owners. They KNOW they need to do it but they struggle to find the confidence to hit the red button and go live for their followers.  

In today’s episode Helen Walker, shares her go-to confidence strategies that transformed her from Live Video Avoider to having the courage to create a live video strategy that drives the growth of her online business.

She’ll show you how to overcome self doubt so you have the confidence to go live on camera any day of the week (even on bad hair days) 

Episode Highlights:

  • How your mind’s default setting has hardwired you to be your own worst critic, and how to overcome your self doubt 
  • What happens when your brain fails to distinguish between going live on Facebook and getting hit by a bus (it’s more common than you think)
  • Why Facebook Lives are a vital piece of your marketing strategy, especially if writing copy isn’t your thing 
  • The reason why just being aware of your thoughts can exponentially increase your ability to overcome your fears 
  • The simple reframe that lets you go Live on Facebook even if you’re not feeling 100% confident or ready
  • The alternative to red lipstick and heels that helps you show up live with confidence any day of the week
  • What’s a ‘Success Folder’ and how can it give you the courage to serve your audience 
  • 3 Simple Steps to overcoming your fears and stretching your comfort zone so you can grow your business

Beg, Steal & Swipe These Resources:

Helen & Anna’s Resources

Helen’s M-Power Playbook that gives your rockstar confidence to grow your business https://bit.ly/MpowerPlaybook 

Anna’s Email Story Generator that helps you write binge-worthy stories that get you paid Visit www.york-walker.com to find out more about coaching with Helen

Check out www.wordistry.co.uk to get more info on how Anna can help your business

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