Episode 7 – The one about cranking out a book people actually want to read

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We often hear moans from publishers that the book industry is dead.  That nobody wants to read books any more.  

But when it comes to authority content, there’s nothing we hold in higher esteem than a really great book.  There’s something magical about holding a book in your hands that feels almost sacred…in a way you’ll never experience from any other medium.

It won’t surprise you to learn then, that there’s been a 24% increase in the number of books published in 2020 versus 2019.  

Which means books aren’t going anywhere.

And if you want your ideal prospects to see you on a level way above your competition, there’s never been a better time to put your first book out into the world.

The only problem is that writing a book feels like a terrifying undertaking, requiring months of effort and dedication to get it done.  The reality couldn’t be further from the truth.  If you know the RIGHT way to crank out your book.

In this week’s episode we speak to the amazing Cindy Childress.

She’s The Expert’s Ghostwriter who helps entrepreneurs take their expertise and transform it into a compelling book that helps them generate more leads and more profits.

Episode Highlights:

  • What it really takes to scale your business from solopreneur to leading a team of happy and successful partners
  • The No.1 reason why you absolutely MUST NOT put off writing your book for one more second 
  • The hidden secret behind why almost all the world’s most profitable entrepreneur publish books (it’s not to get you to read their content)
  • The biggest mistake even the greatest book writers make when writing their first book, which leads to low engagement and low returns 
  • How to strike the exact balance giving enormous value and giving away the farm when you write your book
  • Why people with less expertise could be stealing your leads just by claiming their authority in your space 
  • Why some of the most successful book writers create bestsellers by owning up to their lack of knowledge 
  • The truth about the future of the book industry and why it matters to your business

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Helen & Anna’s Resources

Helen’s M-Power Playbook that gives your rockstar confidence to grow your business https://bit.ly/MpowerPlaybook 

Anna’s Email Story Generator that helps you write binge-worthy stories that get you paid 

Visit www.york-walker.com to find out more about coaching with Helen

Check out www.wordistry.co.uk to get more info on how Anna can help your business

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Cindy’s Resources

To download Cindy’s FREE training video on how to write a book people actually want to read, head over to www.cindychildress.com 

And to nerd out with Cindy about book-writing (and cats) on Instagram, check out her profile at www.instragram.com/cindychildressphd

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