Episode 9 – The one about nailing your ideal client avatar

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In This Episode

When I speak to my clients, many of them THINK they understand what drives their prospects to buy their products and services.

But when we drill into the detail they often realise they don’t know their prospects as well as they thought they did.  That’s because they’ve followed a misguided approach to creating their ideal client avatar.

Sadly, even the most talented and marketing-savvy entrepreneurs are guilty of this mistake.  

The end result?

Watered-down messaging that resonates with nobody.

And lack-lustre sales that leave them confused and frustrated about why no one’s falling all over themselves to buy their products and services.

In this episode I go deep into your ideal client avatar to help you discover your own ideal client, and craft messages that leave them gagging to buy from you.

Episode Highlights:

  • What happens to most entrepreneurs when they follow the most common practices designed to help them uncover their ideal client avatar 
  • The No.1 fear that holds back even the most high profile business owners from choosing a crystal clear ideal client avatar 
  • Why a large proportion of your buyers won’t be your ideal client and why it doesn’t matter
  • The reason you’ve been looking at your ideal client wrong all these years and the simple way to correct it 
  • The biggest danger caused by focusing on demographics when you develop your ideal client avatar 
  • Why your ideal client avatar will help you crush it in more ways than just your marketing 
  • A simple step-by-step system that lets you deep dive into the mind of your most profitable client avatar so you can accurately predict their core buying triggers
  • The little-known secret to highly effective and non-boring avatar research 

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The Rawthority Playbook –  Discover a simple, step-by-step process to craft a unique origin story that converts lukewarm leads into obsessed mega-fans  

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