Episode 13 – Four Super Simple Ways to Sky-Rocket Your Sales Over Email Without Searching for a Single New Lead

Email Marketing to Drive Customer Loyalty

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Only a few short years ago, online business owners could attract a consistent flow of new leads through organic social media.  Or via Facebook ads that were so cheap it was like a low cost vending machine, churning out qualified leads a few cents at a time.

It’s why entrepreneurs who sit high on the Snake Oil Spectrum were able to focus 100% of their attention on shiny new lead gen hacks, in order to sell crappy products that failed to deliver the results they promised.

For better or worse, those days are gone.

And with the massive increase in bricks and mortar businesses shifting online in the wake of the COVID pandemic, competition for online attention is about to get a whole lot fiercer.

Studies show that it’s now 9 TIMES cheaper and easier to generate repeat sales from existing buyers than it is to make a sale from new customers.

Which is why neglecting your most loyal clients is a business disaster waiting to happen.

It’s also why I want to talk to you today about how you can use email to increase your sales without needing to search for a single new lead. 

Episode Highlights:

  • Why every email marketer needs to ditch ‘hard-teaching’ or ‘hard-selling’ emails, and swap them out for a different approach that makes it practically impossible for your subscribers to leave your list 
  • How to avoid List Fatigue so you earn the right to make regular offers to your subscribers instead of milking your list like a cash cow whenever your business gets thirsty
  • 3 simple post-purchase questions to ask your buyers that help create a virtuous buying cycle and compound your long-term sales conversions
  • The little-known psychological impact of a winning order confirmation email which helps boost customer satisfaction rates and increase customer lifetime value 
  • How an easy-to-implement auto-responder can sky-rocket clients’ results and transform engagement in your self-study programmes
  • Why post-purchase marketing is AS (if not more) important than pre-sale conversion strategies
  • How to use upsells and cross-sells to enhance your customers’ experience and create lifelong mega fans
  • The No.1 trap that snags even the most well-meaning affiliate marketers, and how to avoid it      

Beg, Steal & Swipe These Resources:

My Email Story Generator The 9 key story types that help you write binge-worthy stories that get you paid 

The Rawthority Playbook –  Discover a simple, step-by-step process to craft a unique origin story that converts lukewarm leads into obsessed mega-fans  

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