Episode 15 – Four ways to turn beige email copy into personality-packed inbox fodder your prospects can’t wait to devour

How to increase your email open rates

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How many times have you come back from a holiday and set about the mundane task of clearing out your inbox?  And have you ever stopped to pay attention to how few of those emails you actually feel compelled to read immediately or save for later?

The average human receives at least 15 marketing emails every single day.  Most of those emails are either stuffy, boring or just plain spamtastic.  It’s no wonder the average email open rate is way below 20%.

That’s because most marketing emails are instantly assigned to the “B-pile”..

Most email marketers vomit a few lines of copy into their email marketing software without much consideration for the way it might land.

The good news is, there are several techniques you can implement in your email copy, to help you work your way onto the email A-pile. The result? You achieve higher open, click and reply rates on every email you send.

Which is why I’m excited to share these 4 ways to transform beige email copy into personality-packed inbox fodder your prospects can’t wait to devour. 

Episode Highlights:

  • The crucial difference between A-pile and B-pile mail, and why 99% of marketing emails are destined to go straight in the e-trash
  • The real reason most marketing emails suck – anyone who’s ever had a job risks making this mistake
  • Why ignoring everything you learned at school is the key to spicing up your email copy and boosting your sales conversions
  • The ninja writing move that makes your readers 60,000 times more likely to engage with your emails – the world’s greatest copywriters do this in every piece of copy they create 
  • Commonly-used words you should never include in your email copy – millions of email marketers accidentally kill their emails with these words 
  • The 20-second strategy almost every email marketer ignores that makes your emails practically impossible to forget 

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