Episode 16 – Are these scarcity and urgency blunders doing permanent harm to your sales conversions?

How to avoid scarcity and urgency blunders

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In This Episode

If you’ve been running your online business for a while, it’s likely you’ve received a ton of launch emails with subject lines like…

“Hurry, only 24 hours left until the cart closes”

“Tick tock…one hour to go…”


“Almost sold out – just 2 slots left”

Or maybe you’ve suddenly felt the urge to buy a product you really didn’t need on Amazon because the listing told you there’s only one left.  This is scarcity and urgency in action.

Most online business owners are familiar with the importance of scarcity and urgency to boost conversions.  If you give your prospects an excuse to procrastinate, it’s likely they won’t buy now (or at any point in the future).

Which is why limiting availability or imposing a deadline can boost sales conversions by as much as 330%.

However, it’s crucial to deploy scarcity and urgency in your sales messages with caution AND integrity.  

Which is what I share in this week’s episode of the Conversion Choreography show.  I’ll dive into some of the biggest howlers I see online business owners make when it comes to using scarcity and urgency in their sales strategies.

As well as some of the best tips and strategies to help you maximise the impact of scarcity and urgency in your marketing, without destroying trust or hurting your long-term relationships.

Episode Highlights:

  • How to avoid accidentally turning off paying customers by giving them what they want – you might please one buyer but you could be ticking off hundreds of others 
  • How NEVER to sell an evergreen programme and what to do instead to boost sales with integrity 
  • Why the good guys fear scarcity and urgency…and why their fear is costing them thousands of pounds’ worth of sales 
  • The best way to create genuine urgency that reinvigorates even the stalest evergreen programmes, without eroding trust or the perceived value of your offer  
  • Why meeting high demand for your live launch programme could actually damage your reputation
  • The secret to selling out future live launches to sizzling hot leads without launching again
  • How NOT to offer Fast Action bonuses – the common launch strategy you must avoid if you want to make consistent, long-term sales to buyers who love you 
  • The No.1 way to do permanent damage your reputation during a live launch

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