Scared of wasting money on Facebook Ads? Try these 3 counter-intuitive strategies that let you launch high-converting Facebook ads…without spending a penny!

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Just switch on your laptop and you’ll be hit between the eyes with the latest hype on how to make squillions of dollars with Facebook Ads. 

“This one hack lets you generate 30 x ROAS even if you’ve never run a Facebook Ad in your life”

“Use this copy template to generate 7-figures from Facebooks Ads”

“How to ‘trick the algo’ and never lose a single penny when you invest in Facebook Ads”.

You’re absolutely right to be skeptical of these extravagant claims. As I’m sure you’ve realised most Facebook Ad hacks are little more than made up nonsense – designed to suck the money right out of your bank account!

So let me ask you a question…

Are you ready to go beyond the hype? Are you serious about putting in the work to create Facebook Ads that generate consistent sales over and over again? 

Truth is, most people aren’t serious. That’s because they’re simply on the lookout for the next quick fix or a short term hack. I know you’re different. 

Which is why I’m about to share a secret that takes you beyond quick fixes – so you can patiently and methodically build confidence in your Facebook ad skills and make more money. 

No tricks…no gimmicks…no magic. 

So buckle up for these 3 counterintuitive strategies that help you consistently make more money from Facebook Ads – without hacking the algorithm or losing your shirt!

1. Write organic social media posts – Want a low risk way to improve your ad-writing skills? Then start writing organic social media posts! 

For sure, posting on social media is a major time-suck…reach is terrible…and conversions are crappy – but your goal is not to make sales from your content. I want you to think of the Facebook/LinkedIn/Instagram Newsfeed as your advertising training ground. And why not?

It’s the perfect Facebook Ad simulator. Think about it – when you create organic content, you’re posting in the exact same environment where you plan to run your ads. It means you face exactly the same barriers to being seen, and to making an impact.

What’s even better is that it’s completely free. It means you can put in hundreds of reps for nothing. You can get really good…really fast – and it won’t cost you a penny. 

That’s not all! Organic visibility is insanely difficult – but with that you’ll learn how to structure your copy so it grabs and holds attention in a noisy marketplace.

Truth is, I credit a lot of my Facebook Ad success to my experience writing organic social media content over many many years. Day in and day out, I’ve written social media posts to promote my business. I’ve learned a ton in that time…and all that learning gets transferred to my ad campaigns.

It’s why I highly recommend you do the same – even if organic content creation feels like a waste of time.

2. Read direct mail controls – Here’s one of the most overlooked aspects of Facebook Ads…

It’s how your ads fit into the overall customer buying journey – and how your ideal prospect’s mindset dictates the way you should write your copy. 

This goes back to something Master copywriter David Deutsch often talks about. He says writing copy is more about “Copy Thinking” and less about “Copy Writing”. And this is where most business owners go wrong. 

They dive straight into writing their ad copy, which means they often focus on the wrong pain point…hit their prospect at the wrong level of awareness (see Eugene Schwartz for more on this!)…or misunderstand the depth and intensity of their customers’ objections. 

All these are essential considerations before you write a single word of ad copy. Which is why you should study traditional direct mail controls. (If you don’t know what a control is, it’s a promotional piece that has been proven to generate a crap-ton of sales. They’re often thousands of words long. Copywriters study them to learn how to write better sales copy.) 

Often when I suggest this to other writers – I’m dismissed. That’s because they think direct mail has nothing to do with the medium of Facebook. I can see why they’d think that. I mean what does a 20-page paper-based magalog have in common with a 300-word digital ad? 

The answer is – A LOT.

Of course Facebook as a medium is completely different to direct mail. But it takes almost all the same Copy Thinking to write a great Facebook Ad as it does to write a great direct mail piece. 

Now you might be wondering why not just study other Facebook Ads? The truth is, unless you know the author of a Facebook Ad, it’s difficult to know if that ad actually generated many sales. If you’re lucky, you might stumble upon an ad that keeps showing up in your Newsfeed for months (or even years). If so, that’s likely to be a high-converting ad – and you should definitely take notes.

But more often than not, there’s little way of knowing if a Facebook Ad is a great ad or not.

Direct Mail controls are different. You can buy proven controls, written by the best in the business. And when you do, you know you’re studying winning techniques that are worth replicating in your Facebook Ads.

When you study direct mail, you’ll learn how to THINK about your prospects just like the A-Listers. You’ll discover how to write in a fluid and conversational tone. Plus you’ll learn how to structure a sales argument that will do wonders for your Facebook Ads.

3. Stop writing Facebook Ads – Let’s face it, sometimes you just need to step away from your laptop screen. As a professional writer there’s a definite cap on how much I can create in a day.

I usually hit the creativity wall after 3-4 hours of writing. And once I hit the wall there’s no point trying to push through it. My creative well has run dry, and no amount of hustling will help me dredge up good work.

It’s the same for everyone. We all have a finite capacity for creativity. When it’s gone it’s gone. It means any Facebook Ads you write after you hit your limit will likely be drivel and should go straight in the trash.

At this point you should stop writing ads.

Take a walk…read a book…watch a film…have a shower. Do anything you can to inspire yourself so you have energy to write again.

You’ll be amazed at the quality of your ideas when you take some time out to refill your creativity bank. Which is why it’s important to STOP writing when your brain tells you it’s done for the day.

Truth is, there is no magic spell or hack that’s going to give you Facebook Ads that convert. It’s not about investing a heap of money on testing. And it’s not about trying the latest targeting strategy or hack. 

It’s about putting in the work – to create better ideas and write solid ad copy that resonates with your market. The good news is, it doesn’t have to cost you the shirt off your back. There are ways to get really great at writing Facebook Ads, without spending a penny:

  • Write daily social media posts 
  • Read direct mail controls
  • Stop writing!

Want the secret to cranking out profitable Facebook Ad Copy in minutes

…even if you’ve never written a Facebook ad before?

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