The Little-Known Facebook Ad Strategy that Lets You Dodge iOS Admaggedon – and Boost Sales (no Browsing Data Needed!)

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Ask most Facebook Advertisers and you’ll hear the same sob story over and over again. It’s that Facebook Ad performance simply isn’t what it used to be.

It’s all thanks to Apple’s recent drive to increase data privacy. To cut a long story short, Apple just made it way more difficult for marketers to run profitable Facebook ads by…

  • Eroding the quality of your interest-based targeting data 
  • Taking away your ability to re-target audiences based on browser behaviour
  • Complicating how you attribute your sales conversions

Now some might say this is a good thing. 

After all, shouldn’t we embrace greater privacy for consumers? Well, I’m not here to make judgements on Big Brother-esque tech giants. All I know is this…

Apple’s data changes have thrown a MAJOR spanner in the works for small business owners…many of whom rely on Facebook’s hyper-granular targeting data to generate online sales.

Luckily there is some good news!

That’s because there IS a way to dodge iOS14 -

to maintain data quality and boost your sales

The best part is hardly anyone is using this technique yet. Plus it unlocks access to vital customer data AT THE SAME TIME as enhancing the buying experience. 

That means better targeting for you – AND an increase in sales thanks to the smoothness of the overall buying journey.

One thing to note is that using this technique does have a couple of downsides:

  1. It leaves you more exposed to Facebook – You’ve probably heard this advice before – “don’t build your business on borrowed land.” 

Well this technique increases your reliance on Facebook’s turf. That’s because you’ll use Facebook’s infrastructure to generate sales within the platform. 

It leaves you at risk if your account gets blocked or if Facebook has one of its tech meltdowns. But fear not! There is a workaround.

But that workaround leads to downside number 2.

2. It could create double the work – If you have other traffic sources (which most people do) and you want to keep them (which most people will)…this technique will require you to duplicate almost every online sales asset you are currently using. 

That means more work for you. Unless you’re happy to do everything on Facebook, whiiiich I probably wouldn’t recommend. I’ll let you decide if the downsides are worth it.

And now, without further ado…

Introducing the Little-Known Facebook Ad Strategy that

Could Save Your Business from iOS armageddon!

They’re called Instant Experiences. Ever heard of them? No? Me neither – until our media buying team started using them constantly to side-step iOS14.5.

Let’s take a step back a second to give you some perspective…

If you’ve been advertising on Facebook for a while, chances are you’re familiar with static image ads…carousel ads…and video ads. These are all the standard weapons most businesses have in their Facebook Ad arsenal.

Instant Experiences take Facebook Ads to a whole different level! 

I won’t bore you with all the details but, simply put, Instant Experiences keep the entire customer journey inside the Facebook Platform. It means customers don’t have to open a browser window to visit your landing page or online store.

In fact almost every piece of your frontend sales funnel ends up hosted directly on Facebook. 

Here’s how it works – 

Step 1 – Your ad shows up in the Facebook Newsfeed

Step 2 – A delighted prospect clicks on your ad

Step 3 – Facebook takes your prospect to a dedicated landing page or online store that lives WITHIN the Facebook platform

Step 4 – Your prospect feels no different than before and buys your offer 

So why use Instant Experiences when you Already

Have a Landing Page or Shopify Store?

If customers barely notice any difference between the “old way” and the “new way” to advertise on Facebook, why bother creating Instant Experiences at all? Surely it’s extra work for no good reason! 

Well the answer lies in the data you gather during the buying process.

When a prospect buys through an Instant Experience they don’t ever leave Facebook. They click a link on Facebook. They read your landing page on Facebook. They add to cart on Facebook. And they complete their transaction on Facebook.

This gives you a goldmine of activity and conversion data you can use for future ad campaigns!  Which is not the case with static and video ads – now that Apple has blocked Facebook from accessing its user data.

How can you use your new-found

Instant Experience ad data?

There are several ways you can use your Instant Experience ad data to improve targeting and boost your sales on Facebook.

  • Create lookalike audiences – With Instant Experiences, you can create audiences based on the characteristics of customers who interacted with your ad.

Facebook will search for anyone with similar data points to those who showed an interest in your ad, and target them in future campaigns.

  • Study your conversion stats to make better decisions for future campaigns – When iOS14.5 went live, one of the big problems was a loss of data around sales attributions. What do I mean by that? 

Sales attributions are the way businesses account for the source of each sale. I.e. how many sales really came from clicking a Facebook Ad…YouTube Ad…or email etc. 

This makes it super challenging to objectively assess the performance of one advertising platform over another. Because Instant Experiences keep the entire transaction on Facebook, it’s very easy to see who bought as a direct result of seeing your ad. 

  • Re-target prospects – The quality of re-targeting campaigns has taken a huge nosedive since iOS14.5 went live. 

That’s because Facebook loses sight of Apple users who visit websites outside the Facebook platform. This loss of visibility makes it impossible to re-target prospects who’ve visited your landing page or online store. Why? Because Facebook simply has no idea! 

Luckily Instant Experiences bring that data back. Because every step of your funnel is housed on Facebook, you have the ability to retarget people based on their Instant Experience behaviour.

So it turns out things aren’t quite as bad as we first thought. And that’s the beauty of advertising! 

Whenever there’s a problem, you can rely on someone to innovate and find a solution.

Are Instant Experiences the perfect solution to a huge problem for Facebook Advertisers? No. But do they go some way to helping solve your issues – and raising your ad performance back to 2020 levels? I think so! 

Want the secret to cranking out profitable Facebook Ad Copy in minutes

…even if you’ve never written a Facebook ad before?

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