How to Create an Irresistible USP – So Your Products Sell Like Hotcakes

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There’s ONE THING missing from almost every Facebook Ad I see. And this one thing could be the reason most ads leave prospects cold…bored…and less enthusiastic than a vegan at a meat market.

The worst part is, advertisers should know better. Because this missing ad ingredient really goes back to marketing 101. But for some strange reason most Facebook advertisers think the laws of basic marketing don’t apply to their ads.

Maybe they think Facebook is so magical you don’t need to follow the fundamentals of selling to trigger conversions. Or maybe they think Facebook’s audience is immune to time-tested advertising techniques. I dunno! But I do know this…

If your ads miss this essential component – you might as well cross your fingers and hope for the best.

What’s the missing ingredient every Facebook Ad

needs to skyrocket sales?

Take a quick look at your Facebook Newsfeed. What do you see? I’m guessing it’s a bunch of ads that sound pretty much the same as everything else, like these…

facebook ad conversion tool
facebook ad conversion tool

Can you see what’s missing from all these ads? Yes, they’re all for wildly different products. They all have very different images – and different messaging. But they all lack the same thing. It’s a clear and compelling USP (or Unique Selling Proposition).

Now I don’t know why Facebook advertisers have forgotten about USPs. But to me, it’s as essential to your ad as the image…the copy…and the call to action. Why?

Well, without a USP you can’t write a solid sales argument. And without a solid sales argument, your prospects has no idea why they should buy your product instead of…

  1. Buying nothing 
  2. Buying from your competitor 

What is a USP and why

does it matter?

Put simply, a USP is the story you tell about your product to explain why it is superior to everything else in the market. To create a compelling USP you need to find where your product’s key features intersect with the No.1 fear and desire in your market.

In other words…you need to identify a unique product feature that makes your offer the BEST and ONLY way to solve your dream clients’ most pressing problems. 

facebook ad conversion tool

How to create an irresistible USP - so your products

sell like hotcakes!

For a USP to be effective it’s important that you understand ONE undeniable fact about your prospects. They’re fickle. And they’re always looking for ways to achieve their desired outcome:

  • Better
  • Easier
  • Faster
  • Or Cheaper

It means your USP must explain how your product helps them overcome their problem better…easier…faster…or cheaper than the competition. 

A USP can come in several different forms depending on your product. Some products are completely unique to their market – which means the product is its own USP. So you don’t need to dig too deep to sell this type of product.

If it satisfies a genuine need better, you can simply explain what the product is and the problem it solves. 

Sadly truly unique products are rare. Most of us do not have products with zero competition. It’s why you need a USP to help make your products irresistible. A USP can be:

  • A tangible feature if you’re selling a physical product 
  • An ingredient – in the case of supplements or food products 
  • A unique mechanism for infoproducts 
  • An interesting production method 
  • A fascinating origin story 

But next…

A Word of Warning…

There’s a big mistake many business owners make when they craft their USP. It’s to focus on the features they like best about their product. Here’s why that’s a problem…

There are just three important elements to a successful USP. Miss one and your USP will very quickly unravel – and you might as well not have one. 

For a USP to work is must be – 


  1. Easy to understand and digest – Sometimes a feature or unique mechanism can be so complex it leaves prospects confused about how it will make their life better. And what’s the golden rule of advertising? “A confused mind does not buy”, right? 

It’s why you need to keep your copy simple even if your product’s unique feature is highly technical and difficult to explain. 

2. Appealing to the target market – There’s no point highlighting anything about your product or brand if the market doesn’t care about it.

For example, some brands like to highlight their sustainable production methods. When the reality is – their prospects really don’t care about ethics or the environment. Of course you can stick to your mission, but there’s no point shouting about it if your buyers aren’t interested. 


3. Unique (or something no one else is talking about publicly) – The clue’s in the name “Unique Selling Proposition”. Remember, your goal is to explain why your product is the ONLY way to solve a problem better…faster…easier…or cheaper than anything else in the market. 

It’s why your USP must really be unique. Or at the very least you must highlight a feature that no one else in your market is talking about. Claim it as your own and talk about it non-stop until you’re the only brand associated with that feature. 

So, I have a USP - now what?

Your USP can be as simple as a statement explaining why your product is better than anything else on the market. 

Please note that you must not use this statement in your ad copy! Why?

Because your prospect don’t care about your USP unless you tell them why they should care about it. Your USP forms the basis of your sales argument. It means your messaging should revolve around it.

In other words – the goal of your ad copy is to explain:

  1. Who you’re speaking to
  2. The problem you solve and/or the benefit you provide 
  3. The reason why your product’s key feature(s) make it the ONLY logical choice for buyers

So, remember…

  • An ad without a USP lacks the persuasive power to generate sales. It’s likely doomed to failure!
  • Your ad copy should revolve around your USP
  • Your USP must be appealing, easy-to-understand, and truly unique 
  • The goal of your ad copy is to explain to prospects why they should care about your USP

Want the secret to cranking out profitable Facebook Ad Copy in minutes

…even if you’ve never written a Facebook ad before?

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