5 Simple Ways to Trigger Instant Sales Conversions and Avert iOS14.5 Ad Meltdown

Copywriting Techniques

Imagine if Spiderman woke up one day – and suddenly realised he’d lost all his superpowers!

No more web-zapping awesomeness…

No more swinging from skyscrapers to defeat mega villains…

And no more crawling up walls with icky sticky spidey fingers…

Without his superpowers Spiderman is pretty darn useless.

And that’s exactly what’s happening to most Facebook advertisers since Apple stole their customer data. There’s no denying that Facebook was (and still can be) a powerful advertising platform.

That’s because you could laser target, re-target and re-target again until you’d squeezed the maximum conversion juice out of a cold audience. And all that was possible because Facebook had access to consumer behaviour insights even after they left the platform. 

With the launch of iOS14.5 accurate re-targeting has become extremely difficult. I won’t bore you with why but I want you to know this…

You must adapt your sales copy if you want to keep making sales through Facebook Ads. What do I mean by that? 

Well, if you can’t re-target, it means you need to get your prospects to take action immediately. You can’t afford to let a single buyer slip through the net. Why? Because once they’ve gone you’ve probably lost them forever. 

It’s why I want to explain a few copywriting techniques you can use in your ads and landing pages to boost your first-touch conversion rate, and keep the sales rolling in…without needing to re-target. 

Copywriting Techniques
  1. Ramp up desire through scarcity – if there’s one thing that triggers humans to behave in weird and wonderful ways, it’s the perception of scarcity. That’s because when a resource feels scarce it creates an irresistible sense of…
  • Desirability – if a product is running out that probably means other people love it, which means it must be awesome, which means I must have it immediately! 
  • FOMO – could you imagine waiting 6 months…a year…or even a decade for something to come back into stock?! No? Fear of missing out and fear waiting for an unspecified amount of time to get your hands on something – is a super powerful motivator to take action.

Can you find a way to inject some scarcity into your sales copy? The reality is that this is way easier for EComm businesses. That’s because stock genuinely can run out. And there really can be a delay before stocks are replenished.

If you have a finite amount of stock available, use that information to your advantage. Let people know that your products are flying off the shelves so they’ll take action before it’s too late.

But a word of caution – don’t use fake scarcity. Fake scarcity is YUCK! Not only that, your prospects aren’t dumb. They can sniff out fake scarcity faster than a hog at a truffle farm. 


2. Trigger action with urgency – every once in a while infoproduct sellers try to use scarcity to increase sales. The result looks something like this…

“Download your copy of my FREE EBook today. But hurry – only 100 copies are available!” 

It sounds like BS. It looks like BS. And yes, it is BS. Which is why I don’t recommend using scarcity if you’re selling a digital product. So what’s the solution? It’s to replace scarcity with urgency.

That means giving buyers a deadline to take action now rather than later. That’s because “later” usually turns into “never” – which you definitely don’t want! There are a couple of strategies you can use to create urgency:

  • Run a time-limited promotion – many businesses use special events or holidays to run time-limited promotions. This could be a Mother’s Day discount, a birthday bonus bundle or an end-of-season stock clear-out. 

When you run a time-limited promotion you incentivise people to buy immediately by giving them a great deal that won’t last forever.

  • Close your shopping cart – there’s a reason online business love launches. It’s because they give you a legitimate reason to impose a deadline on buyers. 

You do this by only allowing people to purchase your product for a finite amount of time. In most cases this will be about one week. Once the week ends, the product goes bu bye – until your next launch.

  • Create a deadline funnel – deadline funnel is a piece of software that allows you to run genuine time-limited offers on evergreen promotions. It means you can run the same campaign in perpetuity – with a real deadline to take advantage of a discount or bonus. 

The benefit of this strategy is that you don’t need to keep switching on and shutting off your promotion. It can run as an evergreen funnel, without losing the power of scarcity.

3. Avoid Confusion like the plague – The other day I saw a LinkedIn post that got me seriously worried about the state of marketing. 

It was a bunch of marketers high-fiving each other about a piece of “genius” advertising. Don’t get me wrong, it was a cool image. But it took me 5 minutes of head-scratching to understand why it was clever.

Copywriting Techniques

There were over 200 comments congratulating the designer for their superior smartness. Trouble is, if it took me 5 minutes to understand the ad, that means it will probably take prospects 5 minutes to understand the ad (if they can be bothered. Which they can’t. Because they don’t care).

So they won’t buy. End of story.

As the old saying goes “a confused mind does not buy”. And a confused mind certainly does not buy off a Facebook Ad. So, make sure you choose clarity over cleverness when you write your ad campaign. 

4. Leave nothing open to doubt – At the agency we run multi-level ad campaigns to boost conversions. These used to work great as a way to smash sales objections further into the customer journey.

iOs14.5 has rendered these multi-level ads almost useless. Why? Because it’s very difficult to re-target prospects based on their behaviour outside the Facebook platform.

Yes, you might have a great answer to your buyers’ objections. But you’ll never have chance to answer them, if you wait for your re-targeting campaign to kick in (it won’t).

That means you need to pre-empt objections in your cold traffic ads. Just a couple of sentences will do, but it’s important to acknowledge common questions and complaints right from the start.

This gives you a much better chance of converting immediately.


5. Remove Friction from your buying process – Have you ever tried to buy anything that was so confusing you simply gave up? 

I’ve had occasions where I was literally dying to buy something but it was so bloomin’ difficult I clicked away – never to return again.

Don’t do that. 

When you write your Facebook Ad and landing page copy, you want to make the buying process as straightforward and seamless as possible by:

  • Writing easy-to-follow buying instructions
  • Making your pricing simple (without a ton of confusing options)
  • Cutting out unnecessary steps in the buying process 
  • Including a clear Call to Action

Your goal is to reduce the steps from seeing your ad to buying as fast and easy as possible. But be warned!

I’m not saying you should thrust your products down people’s throats before you’ve warmed them up to buy. You still need to build rapport…present a logical sales argument…conquer objections…and position your product clearly.

Here’s what I am saying…

When you’ve done all the hard work of persuading people your product is the ONLY choice for them – don’t blow it with a mind-boggling checkout process! 

There’s no doubt that iOS14.5 has changed the Facebook Ad landscape. Many advertisers would say it’s for the worse. I say it’s for the better IF you know what you’re doing.

Me? I’m excited about taking Facebook advertising back to the fundamentals of persuasion and direct response. I’m ready for the challenge of writing ads and landing pages that convert cold traffic right off the newsfeed.

No hacks. No tricks. Just great copy.

Are you ready? 

Want the secret to cranking out profitable Facebook Ad Copy in minutes

…even if you’ve never written a Facebook ad before?

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