How to Create Irresistible FREE Bonuses – That Boost Your Landing Page Conversion Rate

Bonus Sales Copy

There are 3 elements to a profitable cold traffic campaign. If you nail them all, it’s a license to print money. But if you ignore just ONE you could find yourself hemorrhaging money that you can’t afford to lose. So, “what are these magical ingredients?” I hear you ask…

First up there’s your messaging. If you want to make sales to cold traffic, it’s super important to know your audience. And to know precisely what to say to them to make the sale.

Next up there’s traffic. It’s all well and good having a killer message, but if nobody reads it you might as well say nothing at all. That’s where traffic comes in. As a Facebook ad writer, I focus on driving traffic to my sales message from the Facebook Newsfeed. But there are lots of other traffic sources you can work with like Google, YouTube, Twitter, Email etc. 

And finally there’s your offer. Your offer includes your main solution. It also includes any other elements that make it a complete no-brainer to buy from you. This can be discounts, free trials, free gifts, bonuses or a product so awesome that no one would dare say no.

It’s this final piece of the cold traffic puzzle that I want to think about today.

More specifically I’m going to walk you through what makes a great BONUS and how to present it in your sales page copy.

Does every sales page need to

include bonuses?

More often than not – when you visit a sales page – you’ll see a list of bonus items that come along with the main offering. These are “Free” extras that product sellers throw in to entice you to buy. Does everyone need to include bonuses in their sales page? 

Mostly, yes – especially if you’re selling to cold traffic. That’s because most products advertised on Facebook are not unique enough to sell on their own. 

Now, if you do happen to have a never-before-seen product at a great price, you probably don’t need bonuses to make the sale. Lucky you.

But that’s not normally the case for most small businesses. Which is why you need bonuses to help stack up the perceived value of your offer. Think about it this way…

If you’re selling a business coaching course your prospect has probably seen 100s of other coaches offering similar courses or programs. Sure there are nuances in the way you solve the problem. But to a cold audience, all these products are pretty much the same as each other.

So how do you entice cold prospects to buy from YOU and nobody else? 

It’s by ramping up the value when they buy your course. It’s by making your offer infinitely more valuable than anything else on the market – with the addition of cool FREE stuff.

What NEVER to say about

your bonuses

Wouldn’t it be great if I could give you a shortlist of the best-performing bonuses? Sadly I can’t do that. Because there is no hard and fast rule around what converts and what doesn’t. The best bonuses are those that appeal to a particular market at a particular moment in time. 

So how do you decide what bonuses to offer? 

Well legendary internet marketer, Caleb O’Dowd, has an awesome piece of advice when it comes to choosing bonuses that encourage fence-sitting prospects to jump over the line. 

But before I explain Caleb’s epic Bonus strategy, let me share the big mistake most entrepreneurs make when they throw bonuses in with their main offer. 

For most business owners, bonuses are something of an afterthought. They simply pick a few low-friction items like pre-recorded webinars…or Ebooks…or mini courses…or even T-shirts to sweeten the deal.

Then they hype them up and add insane (and completely made up) fake valuations to ramp up the value of their offer. I’m sure you’ve seen this kind of BS thousands of times:

“Plus you’ll get FREE access to this exclusive 5-part mini course, which hands you the secret to tying your own shoelaces in as little as one week”  (Value – £6,000,000)

Tell me, do you honestly believe that this kind of crummy little mini course is worth £6,000,000? Me neither! So don’t bloomin’ well do it in your own sales pages. Unless you enjoy intentionally throwing a hand grenade into your pitch and blowing up a conversion at a critical point in the sale.

Bonus Sales Copy

This ONE question will help you uncover

irresistible, high-converting bonuses -

every single time

As I just mentioned Caleb O’Dowd has a super cool way of picking irresistible bonuses. It’s a strategy he regularly uses to top the leaderboards in high profile affiliate launches.

The reason it works is simple. It’s because he properly thinks through how his bonuses can REALLY enhance the offer for the ideal prospect. And how his bonuses can strengthen the persuasive elements of his sales message.

He does this by asking one simple question:

“What bonuses can I offer to help answer my ideal prospects’ biggest objections?”

Cool, right? 

I’ve never heard anyone talk about bonuses in this way, but it makes perfect sense for two reasons:

  1. When you ask what objections you can overcome with your bonuses, you give your prospects something they genuinely want and need. It helps them believe they have all the tools to achieve their desired result. This increases desire for the main offer, and ramps up the perceived value of the solution.
  2. Your bonuses help overcome barriers to the sale. Sure you can argue your way around sales objections in your main sales page copy. That can definitely work. But sometimes these barriers can be impossible to overcome with persuasion alone.

Which is why it’s a great strategy to offer a bonus that helps resolve the objection. For example, Caleb offers 3-months’ media buying support from his in-house team of Facebook Ad experts when you buy a front end funnel program. 

This is genius because it smashes the ‘I don’t know how to run ads’ objection with a compelling solution.

The right way to present

your bonuses

When you write your copy for the bonus section of your sales page – you have a huge opportunity to build excitement and power up your sales argument.

Sadly most business owners squander the opportunity and simply list the cool features of their bonuses one after the other. Boring! And let’s face it, nobody actually cares about your bonuses unless you tell buyers why they should care.

You need to SELL your bonuses in exactly the same way you sell your product. Here’s an example of persuasive bonus copy:

It’s no secret that the days of declining interest rates are gone for good. The Fed itself admits that rates must rise in the months ahead. The only question is, do you know how to profit in a rising interest rate environment? 

To help you profit directly from rising interest rates I have selected a special mutual fund that I believe is perfectly designed for this goal. You have probably never heard of this fund. Even your broker probably doesn’t know it exists.

Yet this fund is run by a large mutual fund and readily available to all US investors. When you buy today, you’ll get little-known insights into safe, profitable investment funds most investors have never heard about – to help secure your financial future.

You’ll find my best insider secrets in this FREE guide.”

If you take a look again you might notice some familiar elements to this bonus copy.

  • An urgent problem
  • A compelling outcome 
  • An intriguing solution 

You already write your sales copy like this. So why not write your bonus sales copy in exactly the same way?

Let’s recap

Most entrepreneurs pay little attention to their bonuses. But your bonuses are a crucial component of your offer. In many cases they can make or break your sale.

Which is why you should give them the attention they deserve by thinking about:

  • How your bonuses ad GENUINE value to your buyers 
  • How to use your bonuses to enhance your sales argument and overcome objections 
  • The best way to ‘sell’ the benefit of your free bonuses
  • Stacking the value in your offer with setting off your prospects’ BS alarm

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