Most Facebook Advertisers Ignore the Customer Journey. Big Mistake! And Here’s why….

customer journey

If you’re struggling with high customer acquisition costs no matter how many new audiences you try…or how many ad creatives you test – the problem might not be your Facebook Ads.

Trouble is, many advertisers and advertising agencies assume that a customer acquisition problem MUST be down to broken ad campaigns. Here’s the thing – Facebook Ads don’t operate in a silo.

They’re simply a small piece of the wider customer journey (or sales funnel). And if your sales funnel is broken, no amount of paid advertising can bring you leads and sales at an acceptable price.

Which is why I’m going to walk you through the biggest mistakes I see advertisers making when it comes to running cold traffic ad campaigns. And how to re-think your ad campaigns by paying attention to the entire customer journey – instead of always blaming your ads when things don’t go as planned!

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In this video you’ll discover:

  • The No.1 problem with obsessing over your Facebook Ads – Plus the real reason why your cold traffic campaigns are not converting
  • 3 surefire signs that your Facebook Ads are not broken – Do you know your CPCs from your CTRs and your CPMs? Not knowing could be killing your conversions!
  • The best way to fix a broken front-end acquisition campaign…without touching your ads
  • 6 key factors every advertiser must consider BEFORE launching their ad campaigns – and how to map out the right customer journeys for your business

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