How to Craft a High-Converting Opt-in Page – and Dramatically Lower Your Facebook Ad Cost Per Lead

high converting opt in pages

As an infoproduct seller, chances are you’re running Facebook ads to some form of lead gen funnel. This could be a webinar funnel, a video series funnel, a lead magnet funnel, or a book-a-call funnel – to name but a few options for generating leads.

Now you might be wondering how your lead gen funnel stacks up against the competition. Well, for most infoproduct businesses, my goal is to hit a cost per lead of around $3 (or $7 for a webinar).

It means I’m gunning for a cost per lead that’s below the industry average. So I need to make sure my clients’ lead gen funnels are optimised to convert like crackerjack! That means I need:

  • Killer ad creative 
  • On-point audience targeting 
  • AND a precision-crafted opt-in page, optimised to convert cold traffic

Here’s the reality…

Most Facebook advertisers focus on JUST their ads when trying to lower their cost per lead. This is a big mistake that leads to massive frustration. And often it seems like no amount of ad tinkering can boost conversions and bring in affordable leads.

If this sounds like you, there’s a very good reason why this is happening. It’s because your Facebook ads are NOT the problem. It’s likely an under-performing opt-in page could be to blame.

Which is why I’m going to show you an opt-in page I created for an Australian fitness brand. You can see the full layout by clicking >> HERE. This lead gen funnel was running at a CPL of around $1.50. I should point out that we were able to achieve $1.50 per lead for a couple of reasons:

  1. We had great Facebook ads.
  2. The target demographic has a lower than average CPM. In other words, it’s a cheaper than average audience to reach on Facebook.
  3. The opt-in page copy was thoroughly-researched and written specifically to convert cold traffic.

But with all that said, there’s a lot you can learn from this opt-in page to help bring your CPL way down. In the next few minutes I’m going to show you the essential elements you must include in your cold traffic opt-in page, if you want to lower your Cost Per Lead.

Before I begin, it’s worth mentioning that these opt-in page elements will work for ANY infoproduct funnel type. Whether you’re running ads to a lead magnet, a video series, a webinar or a call-booking page – the fundamentals of cold traffic conversion remain the same!

Let’s dive into the opt-in page -

Above the Fold!

The image below shows the ‘Above the Fold’ section of our opt-in page. The Above the Fold section is the first thing your prospects see when they land on your page. This section has a couple of really important jobs.

First of all, it must call out and qualify your ideal prospect. It must clearly communicate the big benefit to your prospect of signing up to your free offer. And it must tell prospects what to do if they’re ready to sign-up straight away. 

high converting opt in pages

You’ll see that I achieved those goals by harnessing these battle-tested copy elements:

  • Eye-brow copy – Eyebrow copy is the small line or two of copy that sits above the headline. It’s there to draw your prospects into the headline, by giving the reader context around what they’re about to read. On this page, I chose to directly present the Free Video Series offer.

But you can also use your eyebrow copy to create curiosity, establish credibility, ask your audience’s permission to share your message or set up a testimonial.

(Click HERE for a more detailed explanation of eyebrow copy – plus some great examples!)   


  • Strong headline – For this opt-in page I chose a benefit-driven headline, which appeals to the audience’s core desire to feel young again. 

Headlines can either be “Towards” headlines – like the one above, which summaries the big benefit of your offer. Or “Away From” headlines, which call out your ideal prospects’ biggest pain point. 

Either way, your headline must call out and qualify your ideal prospect so it’s instantly obvious who the offer is for (and NOT for). 


  • Deck Copy – Deck copy is an important element to include in the above the fold section of your opt-in page. It’s there to give a quick summary of what prospects can expect if they register for your freebie without reading the rest of your copy. 

You should aim to clearly communicate as much as possible in your deck copy. You’ll see in this example my deck copy does the following:

  • Communicates the core promise of this offer
  • Addresses the no.1 objection
  • Summaries WHAT the free offer is 
  • Adds credibility 


  • Clear CTA – Some leads will be ready to convert the minute they hit your page, which is why you should always include a clear CTA button. Make sure your CTA copy clearly explains what the prospect will receive when they hit your button. 

As you can see there’s a lot going on Above the Fold. And that’s because this is where you’re most likely to lose people’s attention. It means you need to fire out as much compelling information as possible, in the smallest possible number of words.

What comes Below the Fold?

What comes next on your opt-in page will depend on your offer AND the level of skepticism in your market. If you’re dealing with a highly skeptical market, this is where you want to introduce credibility enhancers like:

  • PR and media mentions
  • Testimonials
  • Scientific studies
  • Expert endorsements etc…
high converting opt in pages

On this page, you’ll see we chose to include a visual representation of what the prospect will receive when they opt into the video series. This includes:


  • Video Thumbnail images – so prospects can see exactly what they’ll get when hand over their email address. This helps to lower skepticism by showing prospects this is a genuine video series. 

If your opt-in page is for a lead magnet or EBook, you could show a mock-up front cover image. And for a webinar, you could show a laptop with an image of you and your webinar slides displayed on screen.

Your goal is to make your offer look tangible and REAL to melt away your prospects’ hesitation. 


  • Teaser copy – you’ll notice a short piece of copy beneath each video thumbnail. This is curiosity-driven copy, designed to tease the content of the video and increase desire for the video series on offer. 


By now, it’s likely your prospects will be itching to find out more detail about what’s inside your free offer. 

It’s time to include your

benefit bullets!

high converting opt in pages

Benefit bullets are crucial to any piece of conversion copy. The serve three vital functions:

  1. Bullets communicate the key benefits of your offer – plus they explain the unique features and mechanisms that will help your prospects achieve their desired result.
  2. Bullets create curiosity and increase desire for your offer – by opening a loop that can only be closed by consuming your free content.
  3. Address minor objections – and turn them into benefits. 

Now, it’s all well and good for you – the business owner – to make claims, which shout about the awesome benefits of your free over. But that’s not enough for your cold traffic prospect. Why? Because it’s very easy to make wild claims. And it’s likely your prospect has heard it all hundreds of times before.

Which is why you can’t afford to leave out these key proof elements, which help back up your claims and build trust between you and your ideal client. 

The first of these proof elements is social proof.

Essential social proof elements for your

cold traffic opt-in page

high converting opt in pages

Here’s what you should notice about this section of the opt-in page. I’ve included a number of social proof elements to signal to the reader that they can trust this seller. 


  • 5-star reviews – stating that the seller has received 5-star reviews and then SHOWING a selection of 5-star reviews goes a long way to building credibility. Think about the number of Amazon products you’ve rejected because they didn’t earn enough positive reviews.

Your free offer is no different. Reviews give prospects confidence that they’re not about to hand over their email address in exchange for a useless product. 


  • Student numbers/Number of purchasers – Let’s face it, more people don’t want to risk being the guinea pig for an unproven offer (even a free one). That’s because people are short on time and they can’t afford to waste their attention on a dud product. 

If you know the number of people who have already benefited from your free offer, or your paid products and services – make sure you tell people for added social proof. 

Ideally, this number should be as specific as possible. I could have strengthened my social proof with less of a round number. Unfortunately the client did not have exact sign-up figures so we had to make do with ‘Thousands’ instead of something like 4,563 – which sounds more credible because it’s a random number! 

  • Relevant testimonials – Yes, you should include testimonials EVEN for free offers. Why? Because people don’t like to waste their time and attention, even if they’re paying nothing.

The more proof you can throw at your page the better. Which is why you must include testimonials when pitching your free offer to cold leads. There are a couple of things to note about testimonials:

  • Keep the content relevant – If possible, avoid vague testimonials like ‘this is awesome!’. Your testimonials should express your avatar’s precise pain point, aspiration or objection. Even better if the testimonial includes exact figures and timeframes. 
  • Include a photo – Photos increase the believability of your testimonial by showing that an actual human spoke the words. It’s best if you have the reviewer’s actual photo…and if the reviewer looks similar to your ideal client. I.e. if your audience is the over-55 market – make sure your testimonial comes with a photo of someone over-55 (not a 20-year old supermodel!). If you don’t have actual photos of your customers, you can also use relevant stock images.
  • Add a testimonial headline – yes, even testimonials need headlines to draw readers into the main body. Your testimonial headline should highlight a key piece of information contained in the body, so readers are compelled to keep reading. 


Now that you’ve nailed your social proof, you need to add in further proof to enhance the credibility of your offer and build trust with your shiny new prospect. Proof can come in many forms. It could be:

    • Scientific studies – to confirm claims you’ve made in your copy 
    • PR banners – showcasing media outlets where your work has been published, so you can ‘borrow’ credibility for trusted sources
    • Qualifications
    • Accreditations
    • Endorsements from credible sources 
    • Customer success stories 
    • Reports in credible publications – which back-up your claims 
    • The founder’s story 

You’ll see many of these proof elements in the next two sections of the fitness opt-in page:

Before we reach the final section of this cold traffic opt-in page – there’s one more important element you must include in your body copy.

It’s that you must always tie your copy back to the transformation you offer. Notice how I reiterate the pain point, the benefit and big objections over and over in every section of the copy. Everything you say must tie back to the benefit you offer and the problem you solve. That way, prospects are clear on the transformation you’re promising them when they register for your free product or service. 

We’ve covered a lot in this post, so you’ll be glad to know we’ve reached the final essential element you must include in your opt-in page.

The Final Call to Action

Now you’ve done the hard work to persuade prospects that your free offer is just what they need, it’s time to bring home the conversion! Don’t forget to include a strong call to action at the end of your page – and give people an easy way to register, which doesn’t involve jumping through hundreds of hoops to get there.

Keep your opt-in box as simple, and minimal as possible (just name and email works well). And that really is all it takes to build a high-converting opt-in page to lower your Facebook ad CPL! 

So let’s do a quick recap of all the elements you need in your high-converting opt-in page:

  • Intriguing eyebrow copy 
  • Strong headline
  • Clear, impactful deck copy
  • Unambiguous CTA buttons 
  • Images that resonate with your target market 
  • Visual elements to show prospects what they’re going to get when they opt-in
  • Compelling benefit bullets
  • Appealing sub-headings
  • Relevant testimonials
  • As many proof elements as you can find 
  • Explicit Call to Action 

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