How to Write Avatar-Driven Facebook Ad Copy to Increase Your Cold Traffic Conversion Rate

facebook ads targeted audience

If you want to take your Facebook Ads to the next level – and increase your conversion rates, this ONE CHANGE will make all the difference to your ad campaigns!

It’s to create ultra-specific ad copy, that speaks DIRECTLY and EXCLUSIVELY to one, single clearly-defined avatar – while excluding all other prospects. This is the key to lowering your acquisition costs and increasing conversions, without resorting to short-term tricks and hacks. 

Now you might be wondering how to find this clearly-defined avatar. 

Well in last week’s blog, I spoke about the importance of REALLY knowing your avatar. I also showed you how to create your own multi-avatar approach to running Facebook Ads. So, if you haven’t read it yet – I strongly suggest you do. (Click >> HERE to check it out). 

This week, I’m going to walk you through a couple of examples of avatar-specific ad copy – so you can see how ads SHOULD look when you’ve dived deep into your target market.

I’ll also show you which elements of your ad copy you must switch in and out for different avatars. And which elements can remain the same regardless of who you’re talking to.

As you probably already know, your Facebook Ad copy

should comprise the following…

  • The opening – With the way Facebook Ads show up in the newsfeed, your first 2-3 lines of copy play a vital role. They must:
  • Call out your avatar, by speaking to their pain point or their desire.  There are various ways to do this, but you must do it immediately so that prospects know your ad is for them
  • Entice your avatar to click ‘See More’ on your ad. Whatever you say in your first 3 lines of ad copy, must be appealing enough to compel prospects to keep reading 
  • Get your prospect to mentally say “Yes”. When you speak to cold traffic you need your prospect to agree with the first thing you tell them. If they don’t you’ll lose them. 


  • The Hook – Your hook is the “Big Idea” or sales argument that runs through your copy. It should answer the question, “What’s in it for me” or “Why should I care” – when it comes to investing their time or money in your product or service.  

Your hook should be a single argument or idea, which explains to your prospect how you’re going to enhance their life in a meaningful way.


  • The Pitch – Once you’ve hooked your ideal prospect, and told them why they should care about you and your product – then you can make your pitch. This is where you explain how certain product features will help your avatar achieve their desired outcome.

In your pitch, it’s important only to mention features and benefits that are actually appealing to your avatar. You’ll see what I mean in a minute. 


  • The CTA – Now that you’ve made your sales argument and explained all the best bits about your product or service – it’s time to tell your prospect what to do next. This is your Call to Action.

It could be something like ‘Buy Now’, ‘Click to register’ or ‘Save Money Today’. The key is to be explicit and clear about the next step. 

So without further ado…

Let’s Dive into Some Avatar-Specific Ads

Below is an ad I wrote for Prodigies Music. It’s an online early years music program, designed to teach pre-school kids and young children how to read sheet music, sing in tune and play their first musical instrument.

When I worked on this account, we identified 3 core avatars:

  • The music-loving parent
  • The parent/carer of non-verbal children

And over the next couple of minutes, I’m going to show you how I wrote Prodigies Music’s ad copy for both of these unique avatars – in order to appeal specifically and exclusively to one avatar at a time. Let’s break down each section of the first ad: 


Target avatar: Music-loving parent

Pain point: I want my child to learn music from a young age, but I’m struggling to find an engaging, convenient way to teach them 

Desire: To instill a love of music from a young age, and lay the foundations early – so they excel at music in later life 

Buying Criteria: Appealing features for this avatar are convenience, easy and flexible access, fun and engaging content, and ways for parents to help solidify their child’s learning. 

The Opening: As you can see from the image above, the opening of this ad is a testimonial quote. But it’s not just any testimonial quote. It’s a quote that’s hyper-relevant to the music-loving parent avatar.

It speaks to the avatar’s core desire to help their child excel at music from a young age. Plus it ramps up their desire levels by describing unbelievable levels of musical mastery for a child of just 4 years old. 

The Hook: The sales argument or hook in this ad relates to the music-loving parent’s desire to help their child out-perform the average child, when it comes to playing music.

And that the only way to achieve this kind of unbelievable result is through Prodigies Music. 


The Pitch: If you scroll back up to this avatar’s buying criteria you’ll remember that they find the following most appealing:

  • Convenience and flexibility
  • Fun and engaging content 
  • Simple ways for parents to solidify their child’s learning

What do you notice about the features I included in the pitch section of this ad copy? They all tie into the buying criteria for this particular market. I have intentionally left out any other features, because they’re irrelevant to this avatar. 

facebook ads targeted audience

Moving onto the second half of the ad copy…

You’ll see that I’ve included several avatar-specific testimonials for added social proof.

CTA: The CTA in this ad is as follows, “Give your kids an amazing head start – for FREE. Click to claim your 100% risk-free 30-day trial”.

You’ll notice that I’ve reiterated this avatar’s core desire before telling them what to do next. 


Target Avatar: Parent/Carer of Non-Verbal Children

Pain point: My child has special educational needs and is unable to communicate with me. It’s upsetting and frustrating that I can’t meet their needs. 

Desire: To find a way to communicate with their non-verbal child – and to have fun together as a family. 

Buying Criteria: Convenience and flexibility, colourful and engaging for children with special educational needs, fun and friendly instructors who appeal to their child 

facebook ads targeted audience

The Opening: The opening of this second ad variation is another avatar-specific testimonial. I chose this testimonial for the powerful, emotional imagery it conjures in the mind of the reader. The second half of the opening 3 lines take the form of a story, which speaks to the Parent of Non-Verbal Child’s biggest pain point. I.e. That their child is unable to communicate with them.

The Hook: The hook in this ad relates to the idea that Prodigies Music can help non-verbal children learn to communicate with their family through hand-signing, clapping and singing. This is not the typical way a parent teaches their child to interact with them. But if it works…it works, right?! 

The Pitch: If you scroll back up to this avatar’s buying criteria you’ll remember that they find the following most appealing:

  • Convenience and flexibility
  • Colourful and engaging content that’s suitable for children with special educational needs 
  • Fun friendly educators their child can relate to 

Again, you’ll notice that the feature and benefit bullets all tie back to the most important buying criteria for buyers in this market. 

facebook ads targeted audience

Moving onto the second half of the ad copy…

You’ll see that I’ve again included several avatar-specific testimonials for added social proof. This is not something I do in every piece of ad copy but this client had such great testimonials, so it seemed fitting to include them! 

CTA: The CTA in this ad copy variation is more broad than the previous example, but reaffirms the benefit that knowledge of music is a gift.

And Now To Recap...

As you can see from both of these ad copy variations, the messaging is very different – although the offer is the same. That’s because the benefit this offer provides varies massively depending on WHO consumes the product. 

Which is why it’s so important that you do your research and understand your avatars deeply enough to get ultra specific in your ad copy. 

Want the secret to cranking out profitable Facebook Ad Copy in minutes

…even if you’ve never written a Facebook ad before?

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