How to Craft a Cold Traffic Quiz Funnel that Spins Off Leads Like Magic

Quiz Funnel

I remember the first time I heard about using a quiz as part of a lead gen funnel. It sounded like a genius idea! I mean everyone loves a quiz, right? Especially if that quiz provides answers to your most burning questions. Or if that quiz reveals something juicy about your personality or your soul. 

You only need to glance inside most mainstream magazines – and you’ll probably find at least one quiz. That’s because quizzes are endlessly  fun and engaging. Plus they allow us to see how we stack up against other people – in a confidential way. 

But as well as providing a spot of harmless fun, quizzes are also a great tool for generating leads from cold traffic (for all the reasons I’ve just mentioned). Not only that! Quizzes also help you qualify your leads, pre-frame your offer AND segment your audience, based on their quiz results.  

It means you get a quadruple whammy of awesome if you launch the right quiz funnel. I’m talking…

  • Low-cost leads
  • Pre-qualified audience
  • Prospects who are primed to buy
  • AND ready-segmented sub-avatars you can re-target with ultra-specific ads or via segmented email campaigns

But what makes a great quiz funnel – and what elements do you need in your funnel to attract the right leads, pre-frame your offer and increase your sales conversions? 

The Secret to a Highly-Effective

Lead Gen Quiz

As much as people love quizzes, not all quizzes are made equal when it comes to generating leads and sales. Get your quiz wrong and you could clog up your email list with low quality leads who will never buy from you. But get your quiz right and your sales could take off like a moon rocket! 

The question is, how do you pick the right topic for your lead gen quiz? 

The answer is simple. You pick your quiz topic in exactly the same way as you’d pick an advertising message for your Facebook Ads, Sales Page or Marketing Emails. Here’s how:


Step 1Research your avatar’s core pain points and desires – plus their level of awareness and market sophistication. This will give you some ideas of what problems your quiz could solve, and what questions you should ask your audience. 


Step 2Specify the goal for your quiz – as with any funnel, there’s no point creating a quiz funnel for the sake of creating a quiz funnel. You need to be crystal clear on your goal. Which is why you should ask yourself…

  • What will I sell at the end of my quiz funnel? 
  • How far along the customer journey do I plan to take my prospect by the end of my quiz?
  • What are the key beliefs I need to shift during and after the quiz in order to pre-frame my offer?


Step 3Identify a topic which is most likely to appeal to your ideal prospect – this might sound similar to step No.1, but there is a difference. In Step 1 you’re thinking about quizzes you COULD run to best serve your ideal prospect.

In Step 3 you’re going to identify the quiz you SHOULD run to best serve your ideal prospect. The difference? Your prospects have to actually WANT the quiz results you’re going to give them.

Now the reality is…what your prospects WANT can sometimes be at odds with what we think they NEED based on our avatar research. For example, I might decide to create a quiz around Google Analytics for Facebook Advertisers.

That’s because I know my ideal prospect is scared of data and could really benefit from seeing how they stack up when it comes to their skill level on Google Analytics. But I can tell you right now, no one will sign up for my quiz because it’s not remotely sexy (even if it’s useful).

It’s also not a problem my ideal client is even thinking about. 

And so, I would need to find a different problem to solve like, “What’s your Media Buying Style? – Identify your core media buying style so you harness your advertising superpowers and boost your conversions” (or something). 

Maybe that’s terrible – but it’s way sexier than a Google Analytics quiz!  So anyway, just make sure the subject of your quiz is actually appealing to your audience.    

Now that you know how to pick a subject for your lead gen quiz, it’s time to start building your quiz funnel. 

Over the next couple of minutes, I’m going to explain the key elements of a high-converting cold traffic quiz funnel. PLUS – how to optimise each funnel piece to maximise your conversion-potential. 

Key Components of a

High-Converting Quiz Funnel

There’s no one right way to build a quiz funnel. But there are several funnel pieces which are crucial to almost every quiz funnel.  

You can see below, two different ways to arrange a quiz funnel:

The Short Quiz Funnel

Facebook ad => Quiz => Results Opt-in => Results Page => Sales Page (plus back-end emails if you don’t convert right away)

Quiz Funnel

The Long Quiz Funnel

Facebook ad => Quiz => Results Opt-in => Thank You Page => Email Sequence => (Optional content or pre-sell article) => Sales Page 

Quiz Funnel

For the purposes of this article, I’m going to focus on the longer quiz funnel – simply because I think it works better for infoproducts. It gives you more time to warm up your new lead and more opportunities to present your offer as prospects move through your funnel.

Now let’s take a look at each piece of the quiz funnel in turn. 

1. Quiz Funnel Facebook Ads

When it comes to driving cold traffic to your quiz, there’s a slight danger of attracting cheap but low quality leads into your funnel. That’s because quizzes are super fun – and they can be appealing to people who aren’t really looking to buy your paid offer.

However, there are ways to mitigate against attracting poor quality leads. And that’s by making sure your cold traffic ads are set up for success.


Audience Targeting – do your avatar research and make sure you really drill down into specific interest-based audiences who are likely to buy the paid offer at the end of your funnel. Don’t be tempted to target anyone who might like a go on your quiz. 

And also don’t be tempted to skip this stage, and target the same broad audiences as everyone else. Put in the work to uncover less competitive but ultra-specific interest-based audiences and you’ll be rewarded with low-cost but high-quality leads.


Ad Copy – It can be tempting to try and maximise the number of people who take your quiz, with super short and broad ad copy. And while your cost per click might be low, you could end up with a bunch of worthless email addresses on your email list. 

What you really want to do is start your pre-qualifying process before the quiz begins. You do that by thoroughly researching your market, and identifying multiple market-specific avatars. (Click >>HERE to learn more about identifying micro-niche avatars). 

Your ad copy should then speak to the specific pain points of each micro-niche avatar. (I wrote a blog on how to do that >>HERE) You might find you attract less clicks and less quiz-takers, but you should also see more conversions at the end of your funnel, by filtering out bad leads.


Visual Creative – Similar to your ad copy, your visual creative is a useful tool to help you call out your ideal audience AND filter out bad leads. Ideally you should create a different set of images or videos per micro-niche avatar so you draw in ONLY the leads who are likely to buy your paid offer.

2. The Quiz

I’ve already explained how to choose an appealing and engaging topic for your quiz, so I won’t go too deep into the content of your quiz. But I will say this…

When a cold lead lands on your Quiz Page, you want to make it instantly clear what your quiz does, and what the benefit is for quiz-takers. You can include a small amount of copy to spell out the benefits of taking the quiz, but you don’t want to go overboard and scare people away with too much copy! 

As for your quiz questions – make them…

  • Multiple choice
  • Easy to understand 
  • Easy to answer
  • Sufficiently in-depth that you can segment your leads and provide a valuable report at the end of the quiz
  • But not so in-depth that you frustrate your leads with a barrage of questions 

3. The Results Opt-in Page

As you already know, the whole point of your quiz funnel is to generate leads. And to do that, you need to capture people’s email addresses (or phone numbers).

There are two ways to do this. You can either collect email addresses BEFORE the quiz, in exchange for access to the questions. OR you can collect email addresses AFTER the quiz in exchange for the results.

Personally, I think it makes much more sense to ask for an email address AFTER your prospect has taken the quiz. After all, they’ve already put in a decent amount of work to answer your questions. And when you think about it, anyone who takes this many steps into your funnel is pretty invested in revealing the outcome.

Plus, you’ve opened a loop which can only be closed by opting in for the results. As I’m sure you’re aware, we humans are powerless to ignore an open loop.

So don’t forget to re-state the benefit of receiving the results of your quiz. 

Now, if you’ve done a good job with your quiz – and by that I mean you’ve…

  • Chosen an appealing topic that solves one of your ideal prospect’s urgent problems
  • Asked great questions during your quiz
  • And spelled out the key benefits of taking the quiz…

…then it should be a no-brainer for your quiz-taker to hand over their email address. Opt-in rates at this stage are generally pretty high (around 50% or more).

Which leads us nicely onto the Thank You Page.

4. The Thank You Page

Oh the humble Thank You Page. How often have you landed on a Thank You Page that did nothing besides saying “Thank You?”

Well that, my friend, is a huge waste of valuable marketing real estate. I mean, every new quiz funnel subscriber WILL have to land on your Thank You Page. So why not make use of it to move your new lead further down the funnel? 

Here are some ways you can make better use of your Thank You Page:

  1. Get your new leads fired up about receiving their quiz results – by making them feel like they’ve just taken the most awesome, life-changing step!
  2. Eliminate confusion and fear – by explaining how your new lead can expect to receive their quiz results (and what’s going to happen next).
  3. Offer a way for new leads to keep your relationship going – this could be a free Facebook group, a Slack community, or your YouTube channel for example.
  4. Introduce yourself – videos work really well on Thank You pages. So why not record a short video, thanking your quiz-takers for investing their time in your quiz? Plus, you can build up your credibility by explaining who you are and what qualifies you to help your clients
  5. Sell something – Just because your relationship is new, it doesn’t mean you can’t make an offer for a paid product. You can use your Thank You page to sell a low-friction product or service. This can be either in the copy, in a video (or both).

5. The Quiz Results Page

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Your Quiz results are actually a set of pre-sell articles in disguise. That means the results of your quiz shouldn’t just provide a couple of interesting pieces of information or trivia. Your quiz results should pre-frame your offer in a value-driven and non-salesy way.

What do I mean by that?

Well, whatever revelations and insights you provide your quiz-takers – they should always lead to the same ultimate conclusion. That it’s essential to buy your product or service.

Now you don’t want to beat people around the head with product information. But you do want to start building desire for your offer. You should also end your quiz results page with a CTA to:

    • Learn more
    • Book a call
    • Check out the product 
    • Etc 

6. The Post-Quiz Email Sequence

The most successful cold traffic campaigns are almost always followed by a solid email follow-up sequence. That’s because not everyone will be ready to buy so early in your funnel.

Your post-quiz email sequence performs a couple of vital roles:

  1. To deliver the promised quiz results to your new lead 
  2. To build awareness and trust 
  3. To continue pre-framing your offer and help overcome sales objections
  4. To make a final pitch of your cold traffic offer

Often, I see email sequences which are simply a sales-heavy barrage of “buy my stuff”…”buy my stuff now”…”buy my stuff before it disappears”…”you’re going to miss out on buying my stuff” etc etc.

This is not a great start to your new relationship.

On the other hand, I also see email sequences which do no selling at all. And while they provide a ton of additional value and help, they risk leading you and your prospects into the dreaded “Friend Zone”.

The danger here is setting the wrong tone and creating an expectation that you will never sell anything to your new leads. This is clearly not a great place to be – especially when you have your ad spend to recover. 

So, what’s the best way to construct your post-quiz follow-up sequence? It’s to map out the key beliefs or objections you need to shift in order to move your prospects closer to the sale. Tackle one belief per email – and educate people past their objections, until they’re ready to buy.

Your final email can be a direct pitch. 

7. The Post-Quiz Sales Page

Sheesh, it’s been quite a ride and we’ve finally made it to the home straight, A.K.A – your sales page. The good news is you’ve already done a TONNE of pre-framing and objection-crushing.

That means your sales page can be relatively straight forward. A direct offer-style sales page should work great, if you’ve nailed the rest of your funnel. What do I mean by that?

Well, a direct offer-style sales page dives straight into what your product is and how it works. There’s no need to waste time agitating the problem. You’ve earned the right to go straight for the sale.

Happy quizzing! 

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