Why Organic Marketers Must Pay for Ads on Facebook (and How to Leverage Your Organic Marketing Efforts to Get More Bang for Your Paid Social Media Campaigns)

Organic Marketing

If you have a large email list or social media following you might wonder if you need to spend money on paid social media advertising. 

I mean email marketing is practically free.

And social media marketing costs nothing.

So, if your organic audience is large…engaged…and hungry for your offers, surely it’s a complete waste of time and money to pay for inorganic eyeballs on your offers?

Well, here’s the uncomfortable truth about

organic marketing

If you’re bootstrapping your business it makes sense to harness social media and email marketing in the early days of entrepreneurship. For one thing, you can get proof of demand for your offer BEFORE wasting thousands of dollars on advertising.

Plus, with the birth of organic social media and email marketing, came a wealth of opportunity for small and micro-businesses. Because, for the first time ever, they had access to a sea of brand new customers…without being limited by geography. 

But here’s the problem.

In recent years, organic social media reach has fallen off a cliff. Which means it’s harder than ever to market and grow your business JUST using organic marketing strategies. (And that includes organically building an email list).

Now, for some business owners, the reach they get organically is enough to sustain their business. But for those with loftier entrepreneurial ambitions, it’s practically impossible to scale WITHOUT paying for online traffic and reach.   

The good news for organic marketers

But wait!

Needing to pay for ads is not all bad news for organic social media marketers. Why? Because if you already have a large, engaged audience, it means you have a HUGE competitive advantage on Facebook…

…when you compare your position to advertisers who never invested their blood, sweat and tears into growing an organic audience. And here’s why.

1) You have warm social audiences you can retarget with paid ads

There are many ways you can target audiences using Facebook ads. And you can make some of the most effective, low-hanging-fruit audiences out of your existing subscribers and followers. 

For example, you can run cold traffic ad campaigns to:

  • Facebook page likers
  • Organic video viewers
  • Instagram followers
  • FB and Insta post engagers
  • DM interactors 
  • Email list subscribers 
  • Etc

The great thing is there’s a huge benefit to running your cold traffic ad campaigns to these audiences. That’s because you’ve already established some kind of relationship with these audiences. 

In some cases this relationship might be barely above freezing point, but no matter how cool your relationship with these people – it’s still a heck of a lot easier to attract their attention than people who have no idea who you are.

Which is why it absolutely pays to have a large, engaged social following and email list. And why you should leverage them in your paid ad campaigns.

2) You’re more likely to generate positive social proof on your ads

If you’ve invested time in building organic relationships, you have a serious edge when it comes to prospects engaging with your ads. That’s because audiences that already know, like and trust you are far more likely to like, comment on, or share your ad.

This is good news for three reasons.


#1 – Facebook rewards ads which generate high levels of engagement. Which means the more engagement you attract, the less Facebook asks you to pay to display your ads in the newsfeed.


#2 – Social proof is self-fulfilling – High levels of social proof on ads acts as a signal to cold audiences that the ad or product is worth paying attention to. And you’ll often find that likes, comments and shares attract more likes, comments and shares. 

This creates a virtuous cycle, which in turn lowers your ad cost even further. 


#3 – More likes and comments = more sales – as I just mentioned, high levels of social proof act as a signal that the product is worth paying attention to. It’s also a signal that the product is high quality and trustworthy, which are both crucial considerations for buyers. 

And so, the more likes, comments and shares you receive on your ad – the more likely you are to trigger sales. 

Organic Marketing

3) You have a range of options to build look-a-like audiences

It’s true that iOS14.5 has made look-a-like audiences less powerful than they once were. But that doesn’t mean you should stop testing them. And some of the best ‘seed audiences’ from which you can build your look-a-like audiences are your social followers and email subscribers.

Now, here’s the thing with look-a-like audiences. They’re based on Facebook’s ability to find other users who closely match the people on your email list and your social followers.

Which means the more followers and subscribers you have, the more data Facebook has at its disposal – to help build accurate look-a-likes.

And so larger organic audiences often translate into higher-converting look-a-like campaigns.

4) You can build a full marketing ecosystem, with Facebook ads driving faster email list growth

Here’s the thing. You should never rely solely on Facebook ads to grow your business. If you do, you’re missing out on countless other opportunities to build relationships with potential customers. 

Which is why you should always see Facebook ads as ONE of many components that make up your overall marketing strategy. 

And that’s great news for you if you already have your organic marketing dialled in. Because in the same way that your organic marketing efforts can help boost the performance of your paid ads…

…your paid ads can fuel the growth of your organic marketing channels. 

For example, you can use ads to accelerate your email list growth. Or you can use ads to build greater awareness of your brand, which often leads to increased follower numbers across your marketing channels. 

It’s why – when you pair killer Facebook ad campaigns with engagement-driving organic marketing – you can create a full marketing ecosystem that elevates your brand and increases sales long-term.

The long and the short of it is this. If your organic marketing strategies have hit a success ceiling, and you want to scale up to increase reach and sales…then paid advertising is almost unavoidable. 

But here’s what you must not do. You mustn’t stop feeding your organic marketing machine with high quality content. Because both organic marketing and paid advertising work best when they perform together. 

Crack both, and you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank!  

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