I'm Anna -

How I discovered the power of storytelling to increase sales and scale businesses that last a lifetime

“I’m sorry, Anna - I’m going to have to ask you to leave”

Those were the words of one business coach when I spotted some inconsistencies in her messaging.

She wasn’t the only coach guilty of making larger than life promises and not delivering the goods.  The internet makes it dangerously easy for shady marketers to drive continuous traffic and sales, despite over-promising and under-delivering time and time again.

Truth is, there’s actually a lot we can learn from these businesses…

Many of them have discovered a little-known marketing secret that lets them stand out and connect with their audience from anywhere in the world.

It’s a secret they leverage to skyrocket their sales and attract attention in a noisy marketplace.

And it’s a secret I was determined to uncover, so I could help ambitious entrepreneurs with great products and life-changing services experience those same epic results to make positive change in the world.


At first, I couldn’t quite put my finger on it…

I knew there was some kind of secret sauce behind the near hysteria some coaches create when they market online.

Over time I was able to reverse-engineer their process.  And it’s this process which guides how I work with my clients today.

My copywriting system has its foundations in our enduring fascination with storytelling.  Storytelling is the No.1 way to sell to your audience without the discomfort of a heavy-handed sales pitch.


What's the secret?

It’s a way to make more sales while actually enhancing your client relationships, instead of worrying about eroding your hard-won relationship capital.  

It’s also a way to create an army of long-term buyers and mega fans who buy from you time and again because they’re invested in you and your journey.

Here’s how it works

In depth research – Every piece of copy we create and every story we tell must connect to the fears, desires and objections of your ideal client avatar.

It’s why I invest a significant amount of time and energy into understanding your clients before I ever think about putting pen to paper.  By the end of this process, we’ll have a crystal clear outline for the precise message your prospects need to hear in order to move them to the next step, without damaging your relationship.

Story-driven copy – Research shows that messages stick 22 X better in the form of a story. That’s because the human brain is wired to digest information in story form.  It’s why I use story to produce compelling nurture and sales copy, which your prospects can’t wait to devour AND which moves them effortlessly to hit the buy button.

LTV Optimisation – When we work together, my goal is to help you achieve sustainable sales growth so you grow a business to last a lifetime.   My focus is on enhancing every step of your customer’s journey – from cold traffic to post-purchase, so you can maximise your lifetime value and create a loyal customer base who buys from you again and again.

It’s why I won’t ever rely on short term tricks and hacks to drive immediate sales.  

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