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How I discovered the REAL secret to cracking cold traffic conversions

“I'm sorry Anna, that feels a little off-brand to me"

In the beginning, copywriting was an escape. Writing sales copy helped me throw off the chains of my corporate past – and build a career I was truly passionate about.

Until a stint in a high profile ad agency showed me the truth about copywriting. 

It’s that writing copy for the wrong clients can be as stifling and unfulfilling as the most suffocating 9-5.  Especially when my approach to writing copy…my values…and my integrity were so out of whack with many of the clients I was asked to serve.  

It was a recipe for burnout.


At first, I couldn’t quite put my finger on it…

I knew there was a reason why writing copy for certain clients was burning me out – but I needed to get to the bottom of it.

 Eventually I realised that Facebook advertising falls into two distinct styles. 

1) Brand Advertising – characterised by vague messaging…inoffensive copy…and pretty images (ick)

2) Direct Response Advertising – results-orientated…persuasive…and sometimes ugly to get results!

There was a problem...

Working for the agency left me with an impossible task.

That’s because most entrepreneurs didn’t know the difference between brand advertising and direct response advertising.

They wanted to achieve the fast conversions you get from Direct Response Advertising

…while running Brand Advertising campaigns, which typically take longer to produce results.

No wonder it felt like an uphill struggle to keep clients happy!

A better way to run Facebook Ads

It’s why I decided to take back control of my client list, so I can run Facebook Ads the right way. And serve clients who understand that there’s a better way to crack cold traffic. 

It starts with:

1) Deep Avatar Research

Ever feel like most Facebook advertisers are simply guessing at their message? Well, they probably are.

That’s because most advertisers don’t do anywhere near enough research into their target market. My avatar research process goes way beyond writing a list of demographics and psychographics.

That’s because I go deep with your avatar, until I uncover what really drives them to buy. This is the first step to crafting a high-converting sales message. And it’s a step that most marketers don’t take seriously enough!

2) Powerful Positioning

Want to really stand out in the newsfeed? Then you need to demonstrate why your product or service is the best and ONLY solution to your prospects’ problems. How do you do that? 

Through Powerful Positioning.

My Facebook Ad process helps you uncover a compelling USP that lets you dominate your corner of the market, so buying from you is a no-brainer.

3) Persuasive Sales Copy

Forget about the latest Facebook Ad hacks you read about on Twitter! Compelling Facebook Ad copy should always go back to the fundamentals of persuasive writing.

It’s why every word I write is based on copywriting principles that are tried and tested by master copywriters! It means ads that generate sales without relying on short-term fads or gimmicks.  

So, if you’ve had enough of tinkering around with pretty graphics and copy that won’t convert, click the button below to find out how I can help you create cold traffic campaigns that really work! 

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