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How I went from bummed-out banker to OBSESSED story-teller, with a passion for helping online coaches make more impact in their business

“People like me don’t get to live up to our potential"

When I was 17 years old, I asked my mum why she didn’t just go get a job.   For a few nights running, I’d heard her arguing with my dad over money.

Here’s what she said:

“People like me don’t get to live up to our potential.  What work is there for a woman, like me, who’s been out of the job market for over 20 years?  A Supermarket clerk?”

She had a point…

My dad was a navy man.  He lived on a boat in the middle of the Atlantic for 8 months a year, meaning my mum had no choice but to stay at home with us kids.  She’s a super smart lady.  In fact, she comes from a long line of uber nerd academics, including a nobel laureate called Shin-ichiro Tomonaga.


I Made Myself a Promise

My mum did everything in her power to give us an awesome childhood.  But I know what she sacrificed. 

Although she’ll never say it, I know she holds onto a shred of regret that she never got to fulfil her ambitions.

Seventeen-year old me was too caught up in dying my hair purple and bagging tickets to see the Foo Fighters Live to think too much about my mum’s missed potential.

But as I got older, I made a promise to myself to honour my mum.  

Several Failures Later...

I vowed to do all the things she never had chance to do.

Never would I allow external forces to control my ability to achieve my potential.  And never would I let myself be backed into an either/or choice between my career and my family.  Which is why, when I had my eldest daughter, I quit my banking job and started my online business. 

First it was a blog, then another blog, a Saas Company and a recruitment agency.  But nothing seemed to stick. 

And to make matters worse, I spent those first years in the online wilderness, earning practically zero.  I just couldn’t seem to get people excited enough about what I was doing to give me any money.

After 3 years of flip-flopping from one idea to the next, I was ready to give up and trudge back to my old job in the City

I Started to Notice Something...

There was a fascinating pattern in the entrepreneurs who were crushing it online. They all seemed to have ONE THING in common:

They all told stories.   

And these stories seemed to be the key to creating an audience of rabid buyers, who pounced at everything they sold.

But these weren’t just ANY stories.

There Was a Pattern

I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, though I knew it was there…So I embarked on a quest to unravel their secrets. To tell you the truth, it became kind of an obsession. 

     – I read every business storytelling book I could lay my hands on

     – I listened to every podcast and every Ted talk. 

     – I signed up to every story-telling course in the hope of picking this apart

I just couldn’t let this go until I’d found a definitive answer.

Eventually I got there.

By piecing together the lessons I learned from brand storytellers, corporate values experts, classic advertising and cutting-edge online marketing gurus I finally figured out how it all fits together.  Through all my research, hours of studying, testing and reverse-engineering great stories, I came to develop a method I call the StoryFlow System.

It’s the process I use every single day to develop story strategies for my clients and write story-driven email sequences that strengthen relationships, and increase sales while feeling effortless and fun. 

The StoryFlow System

By following the StoryFlow System I’m able to…

     – 5 X my writing speed by taking a systematic approach to storytelling

     – Beat average email conversions by over 400%, through entertaining stories that establish trust and build deep relationships with email subscribers

     – Revel in the writing process because I’m able to inject a truck-load of personality into my copy AND have fun while I’m doing it

But above all, this system allows me to help other online entrepreneurs achieve their potential too.

The No.1 External Force That Kills Dreams

Because failure to nail your online marketing is the NO.1 external force, responsible for killing the dreams of way too many inspiring and ambitious online entrepreneurs.

So if you want to harness the power of storytelling and take back control of your marketing, why not let me help you uncover your stories.  Let’s work together to map out a cohesive story strategy by:

Developing a systematic approach to story idea generation

Mapping out consistent, strategic story-driven email sequences and campaigns 

Writing story-driven email sequences that build stronger relationships and increase sales 


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