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Why Strategy Alone Won't Cut It

I was a woman possessed

Desperate to learn the latest marketing strategies and hacks in the hope of finding the THE THING that would change the game.  You name it, I tried it:  Personalised Video Messaging, Chat Bots, Webinars, 5-Day Challenges.  

All The Things

But then I noticed something none of the marketing gurus were saying.  That strategy can only get you so far.  And no matter how hard you try, you could end up…

Sending emails to your list that no-one opens, let alone reads to the important parts..

Agonising over flashy landing pages that don’t convert readers into buyers…

Wasting time and money on ads don’t generate leads…

Then I noticed the ONE THING every successful marketing campaign had in common.

Copy that strikes you in the heart like a turbo-charged arrow

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Words Are What Matter

- Imagine if, by saying "Screw it!" to all the latest tricks and hacks, you could sit back and watch your conversion rates soar?

- And what if you ignored all the noise about what's working now and what might work next week...and saw consistent improvements in client engagement and sales?

All because you knew better. Because you had the wisdom to go back to tried and tested methods of persuasion, proven to work over decades of testing.

The One Constant Force in Marketing

Marketing pioneer, Ann Handley, once said, "In an online world, our online words are our emissaries; they tell the world who we are".

– Great copy compels your audience to take action, through enchanting stories, amusing anecdotes and emotional appeal.

– Great copy lets you show empathy for your clients so you can build deeper, longer-lasting connections.

– Great copy helps build loyalty, and adoring followers who’ll help sell your products for you.

– Great copy allows you to tell your unique story and show your difference in a way that resonates deeply with your buyers.

In fact, a study by The Content Marketing Institute showed that compelling copy can boost web traffic by 800%.  And that 73% of U.S. companies work with a dedicated copywriter.

Those that do have seen up to SIX TIMES higher conversion rates.

A Timeless Weapon

Isn’t it about time you added this timeless weapon to your arsenal? Here’s what could happen when you do:

  • Improve client retention and customer life-time value by creating authentic and on-brand messaging.
  • Optimise your online marketing collateral for better open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates. 
  •  Increase sales by seamlessly answering clients’ objections without them needing to get on the phone.
Great copy has the power to persuade your audience to take action, while allowing them to feel in complete control.
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A Word of Warning...

Working with me, doesn't mean simply watching from the sidelines as the results roll in. Creating great copy is a collaboration between you, the heart of your brand...and me, the one to put your vision into words.

It takes courage to ignore all the latest strategy chatter and, instead, focus on tried and tested copy techniques that have been proven to work time and again.

You might feel uncomfortable, digging deep into yourself to understand the story that led you to where you are today. And you might have to lay bare a piece of your true self so your clients feel connected to the real you.

Feeling courageous?


Ways to Work With Me


Writing might not be your thing, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the power of your copy.

Let me translate your vision into words that connect with your dream clients.

Tell me about your business and I’ll craft bespoke copy that gets you the clients you deserve.

Story Discovery

Your story is the one thing that’s uniquely yours.  And it allows you to build deep connections with your audience.

But finding your core narrative  can be tough when you’re viewing it through your own filters and biases.

Why not let me guide you through your story discovery process?

Copy Consultancy

Sometimes even the best writers struggle to get their first words down on paper. 

(I know I sometimes need a nudge in the right direction.)

Let me guide you through the frameworks and techniques I use in my own copy, to help your thoughts and ideas flow.

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